A to Z: W is for…

Once Tom Waits would have been my fave American singer-songwriter type of artist but others are higher up now, not that I love him any less. I guess, the main thing he really hasn’t done anything new for such a very long time now. Also he doesn’t have to, if he doesn’t want to? His whole life he’s had this he wants to be an old bloke thing going on, if you know want I mean? Now he really is, he’s enjoying it without making new music but seems to be staring in movies now but then again, he’s always seem to done that anyway. He’s got wicked epic amazing back catalog which you might know already? So you don’t need me to tell you but if you’ve never check him out, highly recommend you do!

I’ve got early 90’s video clip to Goin’ Out West from Bone Machine album of 1992 just above. My own intro to the great man was thanks to this, by way of that late night Aussie video TV called rage again. At the time I was what in bloody hell is that? I remember my best friend at the time had it on order and got it first from this small town surf shop that had some music in it but he refused to buy it until he heard it? So they put it do the shop stereo over the speakers and he told them to turn it up so they did but the shop keeper very quickly turned it off after first bit of opening song The Earth Died Screaming. My mate was a bit of a smart ass and started shouting at them so they did put it on again but missed that first song and turn it down the volume lower for the next song Dirt In The Ground. He wasn’t happy because he couldn’t hear it and it’s a much quieter track too so they did a little bit but it wasn’t good for my mate so he got it up back by the end of it. Off course next track is Such A Scream so it when off again. The shop owner was like I can’t play this because it’s scaring away all my customers away but he also wanted my mate to keep his voice down because that was also scaring away his customers plus he wouldn’t buy the album and go away and listen at home because off course he’s not buying something he’s not heard. He also had the shop keeper convinced no one in this tiny country town would buy it too so it when on and off a few more times until the guy was going to throw this great Tom Waits album in the bin and didn’t care if he got payed for it or not! Headphones at some point came out but because the shop had only one stereo so it was very quite and then off course I had to listen it next on headphones too so this when on for hours on a nice very busy Saturday morning weekend shopping time. Anyway my best friend did buy it in the very end and we when home to his place and played it a top volume of the rest of the bloody day and into the night! That’s my hearing Tom Waits for the first time tale plus the glory’s of buying music back in the 90’s too!

6 letter “W” songs I’m sharing with you today:

Venom P. Stinger – Walking About (1988)

Hard-Ons – Where Did She Come From (1990)

Public Enemy – Welcome To The Terrordome (1990)

Bluetile Lounge – Wriding (1995)

The Kill Devil Hills – Words From Robin To Batman (2009)

Batpiss – Weatherboard Man (2017)

7 again and 5 are Aussie acts too! Which did like the most today?

Who is that masked and caped man? Tommy Waits!

Cheers 🙂


  1. Very funny story above. Yes, good old Tom! For the first time I heard him singing in a TV-Documentary about new trends in 1985. First the moderator was introducing Tom Waits old Closing Time Material. It was kind o’second try carrier. Then they are praise Prince like the new God, and in the End came Sade Adu with “Your love is wider than Victoria Lake….” 2 years after that I bought “Asylum Years”( the 2 LP-Set) vor 250 Mark(Ost) = 30% of my Wage at that time. It was my favorite Album for a year or so. Than came a Fusion-Jazz-period to me (Metheny, McLaughlin, Benson), than Bob Mould, than…. In the zero-years after 2000 Wolfgang Ambros from Austria translated a couple of Tom Waits Songs and made a german Tribute Album. So Tom came back for a while.


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