A to Z: X is for…

Well, it’s even less well known Aussie music with a band simply called X. Yeah, that’s right my letter “X” is the Sydney act named X. Off course it’s very unused letter in the alphabet but I really do love this band so much. I’ve blogged a few times before but once at it but maybe you didn’t check them out last time? Maybe, you know them already, if so you will not mind me including a couple of killer cuts from their 1985 album entitled At Home With You. Above is the video clip song Degenerate Boy and the non-single album track You Really Don’t Care. If you know nothing about them? They are a late 70’s punk band who put out classic debut Aspirations by the year 1980 but broken up then got back together for that second album which is my fave and that’s what I’ve picked those two today! I’ll linked this older post all about them, if you wanna know more?

6 letter “X” songs today:

Blondie – X Offender (1976)

Lou Reed – Xmas In February (1989)

Magic Dirt – X-Ray (1991)

Aphex Twin – Xtal (1992)

Mad Season – X-Ray Mind (1995)

Sarah Blasko – Xanadu (2009)

7 tracks, what did you like listening tooo?

Do you know? How hard it is to find a photo of mid-80’s Sydney, Australian band X but here they are now!  

Cheers 🙂


  1. I was certain you would include X-ray specs in there. but I guess it’s not a track but a band name. Xtal by Aphex Twin was my go-to afterparty track after a big music festival, now adaysused as a background while doing work, and also great fir travelling on planes, it has such a floaty, atmospheric sound. Love your picks here William!

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    1. Oh yeah, i missed X-ray Specs and they’re a great punk band i should had! Maybe, it’s the Aussie thing you know? Trying to including them I’ve forget other ones! i could easy expand this list or make a part 2 or something? because so much stuff has missed out but hopefully i have covered a lot?
      Cheers 🙂

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      1. Yeah they are. I used to love that song a while ago- oh bondage up yours. It was such a great song for a young angry girl to sing. It’s still a classic song but dont listen to it that often nowadays. I love the Aussie slant you give the blog, tbh I haven’t heard of many of these bands from Australia so it’s a delight to hear them for the first time. 🙂

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