A to Z: Y is for…

Well, it’s got to be The Young Gods for today’s letter! If my own little award show is still going? They’re the runner-up for my fave European band which was won by Einstürzende Neubauten. That post was about couple a months ago now, if anyone remembers it? Anyway The Young Gods are Swiss and have been labeled as industrial rock band before but if you know nothing about them? They formed in 1985 with line-up consisted of a trio of a vocalist, a keyboardist/sampler operator and a drummer. Above I have couple of my fave 90’s songs sung in English but they have also sung in French and German too. I think, I’ve already included another one of they song under my letter bit in these A-Z thingos but above is video clip/single Skinflowers from T.V. Sky album of 1992 which my fave album by them. Also I’ve written most likely badly a whole blog post about that album, if want more info about them in detail? Linked here just for you! I’ve go a double tracks for the featured artist today also it’s Kissing The Sun from the follow-up album entitled Only Heaven of 1995. That was around the time I got to see them live when I was over in Sydney town. Once again a very under-rated band who by the way are still together and have released a brand new album this year so if you really enjoy those tow cuts above check that out too!

My 6 letter “Y” songs:

Tom Waits – Yesterday Is Here (1987)

Sonic Youth – Youth Against Fascism (1994)

Shihad – Yr Head Is A Rock (1996)

The Black Angels – Young Man Dead (2006)

Gareth Liddiard – You Sure Ain’t Mine Now (2010)

Joe McKee – A Yolk He’d Never Seen (2018)

8 songs, it’s second last time I’ll be asking which did you like the best?

It’s the mid-80’s The Young Gods getting dirty!

Cheers 🙂


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