What I’ve Been Listening to in October 2019

Well, it’s chapter ten today of these monthly new music posts and is yet another big huge one because some of my fave acts of all-time releasing totally new stuff this month! Maybe, could be one of the very best month? Of a totally great year of new music!

Off course, let’s begin with Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds brand new album entitled Ghosteen but what can I say about it that haven’t been say already? I know, I’m a bit late because it was dropped online on the 4th Oct. and I’ve haven’t say anything about it yet! Well, if you’ve still not listened to it yet? You should! It could be one of the most beautiful and haunting Nick Cave/Bad Seeds album ever. It does follow the vibes set on Push The Shy Away album of 2013 and Skeleton Tree album of 2016 which I rate both in his long career as highest points. I think, my fave is Bright Horses track so far. The music is even more minimalism with the synths totally taking over this time and his lyrics are amazing to say the least, what can I say because they just leave me speechless:

HTRK had surprise release of the soundtrack album for a doco which I haven’t seen. It’s entitled Over The Rainbow with 13 instrumental tracks, which it’s a bit strange without vocals by Jonnine Standish but still very cool. Out on the 2nd Oct. which only has a limited release by English label Boomkat linked here which is where the only place you can buy it but it’s also been uploaded to HTRK’s SoundCloud but I think you need to be a subscriber to listen to the full tracks, I don’t think it’s on any other streaming formats?

In even more HTRK news: their debut album has been reissue this month! Entitled Nostalgia because when original put out in 2005 was a very small self-released and sometimes referred by the band themselves as a demo tape or just early recordings, some songs would be reworked and even renamed on the first studio album Marry Me Tonight of 2009. It’s be issued before with the album cover artwork of HTRK logo/title in gold and black but this time as you can see yourself, it’s all in white:

Swans new album coming at almost the end this month with 25th Oct. release date for leaving meaning. the 12 track double album. So even after hearing it, I still can’t believe it’s basically M.Gira and The Necks on title track Leaving Meaning which is most likely my fave but the whole thing is a killer and he/they have done it again, somehow rising the bar to far beyond unbelievable:

Kim Gordon debut solo album has came ten years after her former group Sonic Youth very last album. I have enjoy her new band since then Body/Head which they did two or three releases but her solo album is a little different again. It’s entitled No Home Record and was released on the 11th Oct. it’s all feedback guitar noise and drum machines. I’ve falling in love with her all over again and once again I’m naming fave track today, that’s Hungry Baby:

Both my fave two first named Mark named singer-songwriters had something new this past month. Both have already released one album each this year but another one each! Starting with Somebody’s Knocking by the Mark Lanegan Band which was out on 18th of this month with 14 tracks on it. Lanegan makes even more wicked great dirty indie rock but I think, my fave track would be the more mellow Playing Nero song:

Mark Kozelek with Petra Haden released Joey Always Smiled seven track album on 11th Oct. Petra is mainly on backing vocals but the last song and cover is a duet. Opening song is with actor Kevin Corrigan and R. Lee Ermey is another actor which is more Koz Full Metal Jacket movie review than song. My fave song here is Spanish Hotels Are Echoey, if you wanna know?

BTW if you order it from his own website/label linked here, you get the totally free 12 track double live CD of Sun Kil Moon’s Live at The Old Museum. Which are recordings from the Australian Brisbane/Sydney shows earlier this year, it’s pretty much Koz on vox and piano player Ben Boye doing very stripped back versions of his newer to older tracks 2013’s Perils’ Ceiling Gazing and 2014’s Benji’s Truck Driver, cover of 70’s Minnie Riperton’s Lovin’ You plus total brand new song Brisbane Love Song which was written that very day and can’t be found anywhere else! I don’t think you can stream this anywhere but just order Joey Always Smiled or something?

Self-titled album by Dyson Stringer Cloher is the Aussie singer-songwriters of Mia Dyson, Liz Stringer and Jen Cloher with Wilco’s drummer Glenn Kotche recorded in Chicago. The ten tracks are indie folk rock, if you need to call it something? Released on Oct. 4th and I think the opening song Falling Clouds which featured before on my blog when it was lead single/video but is still my fave but the rest is very wicked cool:

So ending the new releases of this month with Forever Or Whatever by Holiday Sidewinder. That’s somehow her real name too but if you have no idea who she is at all? She’s is in Alex Cameron’s band on keyboards and backing vocalists plus way back in 2000’s she was in Aussie indie rock band called Bridezilla, who only had one album and an E.P. which both were wicked great! So finally after years hinting at debut solo album, it has eight tracks and was released on 17th Oct. which almost all songs have been released over the last 12 months or even longer? It’s a total banger of 80’s throw back synth pop:

Not on that album but is another single is her cover of The Beach Boys’ Kokomo which was also released this month, it comes with this video clip:

Released at the tail end of last month, Boston three piece band called Kal Marks. I only checked them out because their band name is misspelling of a great philosopher and also it’s entitled Let the Shit House Burn Down. It’s not the first release by them, they have been together for ten years and have had a few other releases which I’m only now checking out. Anyway I’ve never heard them before but here’s that wicked five track EP:

Here’s two albums both from last year but only just discovered them! Golden Syrup debut self-titled album, is really solo album by Sara Retallick. Who is the band mate of Erica Dunn, is Mod Con/Palm Spring the bass player and she’s an emerging visual, sound and performance artist too but Golden Syrup album is a mix of electronic, experimental and her own field recording, has about half and half vocals and instruments over this eight track album:

All In The Same Room by Fia Fiell is on the very same label as Golden Syrup but it’s total ambient synth album. Fia Fiell real name is Carolyn Schofield and this is her second album which her debut is well worth checking out too, yet again on the same label again. I think, it’s so very beautiful, nice chili and wicked cool way to finish today’s my monthly new music:

That’s very long one today but it’s full of great new music, to me! Maybe, they would be new to you too? Do you wanna say something about any of these albums/songs, right now?

NC gets the feature image for October because it’s three/four years since the last Bad Seeds album but it’s finally here, well we all have to wait until early next month to hold a physical copy in one’s own hands!

Cheers 🙂


  1. The Nostalgia album by HTRK I found to be forboding and intense but in an interesting way, the other HTRK one Over the Rainbow…loved it and have downloaded it now.

    The Ghosteen album, I didn’t really love it at first but it is now growing on me with a second listen thanks to you.The conceptual ideas of it with with the smokey words going over the background smoke, it creates its own atmosphere and world along with the music. I have grown to love this album it’s really magical!

    Have always loved Mia Dyson and Jen Cloher…I dont know much about Liz Stringer but this collaboration is really great, it just works so well. I love it. I wish the three would come to New Zealand for a tour….ah would be so cool

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Oh well, the Jen Liz and Mia Aussie tour missed out Perth so i don’t think i am going to see them this time around but who knows hope they have more planned for next year? fingers-crossed or something?
      Oh yeah, Ghosteen does need sometime and glad you give it some more and yeah, yeah it’s very magical! I think, I’ve change my mind or just now digging the closing song Hollywood this week!
      It’s very wicked your getting into HTRK too!
      Cheers 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

  2. So much music for me to check out! I’ve never been a Nick Cave & the Bad Seeds fan – not because I dislike him, but because I just haven’t followed him or known much about his music. But I’m really loving what I’ve heard from “Ghosteen”. It just might turn me into a fan! I’ve liked the Mark Lanegan music you’ve previously shared. Will check out the others as time permits.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. wow wee, that’s so very wicked you ‘re getting into Cave now so off course it’s never tooo late or why not indeed? Also glad you are dug Lanegan lately tooo! i guess, it’s very, very long post so don’t worry about it tooo much, if you don’t get time?! Cheers dude 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

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