Top Ten Tracks: Blur

There’s No Other Way – single (April 1991) and Leisure album (August 1991)

SingLeisure album (August 1991) and Trainspotting soundtrack (1996)

For Tomorrow – single (April 1993) and Modern Life Is Rubbish album (May 1993)

When the Cows Come Home – Modern Life Is Rubbish album hidden track/B-side

End Of A Century – Parklife album (April 1994) and single (Nov. 1994)

This Is A Low – Parklife album track

The Universal – The Great Escape album (Sept. 1995) and single (Nov. 1995)

Beetlebum – single (Jan. 1997) and self-titled album (Feb. 1997)

Death Of A Party – Self-titled album track

Music Is My Radar – single (Oct. 2000) and Best of comp album (Oct. 2000)

It’s re-introduction today yet again, to my own top ten tracks series after giving them a bit of break for a few weeks, a month or something? Off course, the band Blur themselves really need no introduction at all! This come back TTT post, let’s call them my second fave Britpop band of the big four acts of that style of 90’s music. The order above is just release date but naming my fave Blur song of all-time is End Of A Century, if you’ll like to know?

I was going to add a fourth letter “T” for Thursday but because I’ve not been blogging lately much or out of the swing of it all, I’m a couple of days late, didn’t get it ready in time at all so it’s Saturday now. Should I do them for start of the weekend, on Saturday morning now on? Mostly this year I’ve been doing these on Sunday, I’m changing it by only one day. Let’s stick to the 90’s and next time I’ll do my all-time fave Britpop band! Who could that be?

Big huge shout out to JP and his music blog linked here because I did say I would post my fave Blur songs after he posted his sometime long while ago! Who else is going to name your own fave Blur tracks?

Blur in long grass foreground with Cows in background!

Cheers 🙂


  1. Thanks for the shout out! That’s a fine top ten. I love that B side “When the cows come home”. The intro to that track was on my answering machine back in university. Don’t ask me why. Cheers!

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  2. That’s a good list and Blur are a top drawer band for me. One of the best live shows I’ve ever seen. My top ten would cover the whole of the eras I think like yours

    Under The Westway
    On Your Own
    End of A Century
    Coffee & TV
    This Is A Low

    My ten would look something like that

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