1001 Albums Book: 1959

It’s been four or maybe five months? Since the last time I did blog about this book list! I think, last time I did say I was going to be doing a totally different year next but I was really feeling to listen to some very old music so 59 is pretty old, right? That’s only sixty years ago, have I got my maths right? It’s only five albums filed under this year in this book so it’s not very much at all!

Once again, I’m re-using my own playlist just above. When ever it was last posted up? It had way less songs on it, you know? 45 songs right now and it seems I’ve got close to all the artists’ songs from almost all these albums so only adding the couple of closing tracks today. The idea was to only have one song per artist but my fave old time rocker is Bo Diddley, you know? Who’s criminally NOT in this book! I’ve already added now a few songs by him, I hope you don’t mind? Plus another fave of this time is Nina Simone who now has a couple of songs. I hope enjoy it, if you do press play? Anyway I’d listened to these five albums back to back, typed a couple of lines each below:

Sing The Gershwin Song Book by Ella Fitzgerald Nice Work If You Can Get It is now playlist track number 45 closing track. It’s her one and only album in this book but I never really listen to her which both is a crying shame because she’s a bloody great singer, truly amazing voice!

The Genius Of Ray Charles by Ray Charles What’d I Say was already on playlist but that was a stand alone single which this album was made straight after that was a huge hit. His second album in this book and adding Come Rain Or Shine as playlist track number 44.

Kind Of Blue by Miles Davis So What is playlist track number 25 and is the most popular artist of these five here in the book because this one of his four albums included in it. Does everyone already know all about him? So what else can I say today?

Gunfighter Ballads And Trail Songs by Marty Robbins El Paso is playlist track number 21. Once a long time ago, I typed a whole post about this one, linked here because I’ve know it since my childhood so I’ve said it all before, I guess?

Time Out by The Dave Brubeck Quartet album’s title track is playlist track number 8. Today’s fun fact: that song was used in Twin Peaks comeback a couple of years ago when Dale Cooper aka Dougie Jones drinks his first cup of coffee after 25 years!

Let’s see if I can finish up 1989 next? Which was the year I supposed be doing!

Let’s call Time Out my fave record of 59!

What to say anything about the music of 1959? Please do below!

Cheers 🙂


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