Live Gigs: Depeche Mode @ Perth Entertainment Centre 1994

So yet another time traveling gig today, OK? I know I did say last Saturday was going to be something else today but that’s not ready because, guess what? I was doing this instead but does it matter what I post when?

Let’s start by saying this was my third big huge live show in my life! I’ve already blogged both the other ones before this, they were: the Big Day Out 94 fest earlier that year and then the year before was Metallica & Kyuss at the very same venue. Does that I guess, kind-of proves? I always liked to mix it up even as a teenage.

Once again, I traveled on a bus for six hours from small shit country town to the big city to see them. I remember, had a seat but run down the front as soon as the lights when out and got a great spot not that far from the the stage because back then they didn’t have much security at gigs, telling everyone to sit in your seats or something? It was in March so about a month away until what must be my 18th birthday but it was an all-age show. Also back they didn’t no silly rules like now an older person has to go with an under age teenager to show, I guess they’re trying keep you safe and everything?

This must have been the very first gig I when to all by myself because I didn’t know anyone else who liked Depeche Mode? The small town I grew-up in they were very uncool at this point, well everyone I knew. Maybe, someone else did like/love them there like me but I didn’t know them? I when to BDO with Libby my GF and best mate Dave came to Metallica. Afterwards at this gig I did see someone, what was her name? Who moved before from that shit small town to the big city at this gig and I think, it was her who said: “you should move up!” I’m a dumb-asses and before she tell me this, I didn’t think that I could just move up? I moved up next month on my 18th birthday plus when to my first over-18 show that night too! Anyway I wasn’t missing Depeche Mode for anything!

I remember, it was a pretty big deal because it was amazingly their very first Aussie tour! I think, they played Sydney or Melbourne before? But it was their very first show in Perth, W.A. Their 80’s song/albums are classics but Songs of Faith and Devotion album was the newest album but just looking at the release date right now, it wasn’t out until the end of March. Thinking about that now, that sounds right and likely made it a even more of a big deal back then! The four singles/videos from that album were all released before the album too, you know? Then DM was touring in 1993 most of Europe, U.K. and North American. They did know how to built hype back then. That was a much darker album for them and to this day, it’s my fave album by them, if you wanna know? Martin Gore had his long hair at this stage which some older fans also didn’t like his changed look. They just played dates in South Africa before they played here and some in Asia after, then it was back to the America’s covering South, Central and then Northern again. So it was huge world tour, what I’ve read about it after the fact: it was huge drug fucked time for the band too but they’re all still alive so I guess, it’s OK?

What else? An Aussie band called Caligula was the support act, I really liked them back then but they only released one album and broke-up, does anyone else remember them?

The epic 18 songs with two encores setlist on Saturday March 5th 1994 was:



Behind The Wheel

Everything Counts

World In My Eyes

Walking In My Shoes




I Want You Now

In Your Room

Never Let Me Down Again

I Feel You

Personal Jesus

Encore #1:

Enjoy The Silence

Encore #2:
Policy Of Truth

A Question Of Time

Embedding all songs because I was listening to them again, in this order so I might as well. I think, I’ve not really blogged about Depeche Mode before or not given them a full post just for themselves? So it’s about time! Do you want to say, share something about DM right now?

94 Aussie tour poster/flyer as sign by the band, found it for sale somewhere online?

Cheers 🙂



    1. Oh right, i didn’t know where exactly they’re form in England! After those maybe you might want to check the whole album Songs of Faith and Devotion of 94? or not, i don’t know? BTW my fave song would be In Your Room which i don’t think i said above! Cheers man 🙂


  1. Nice! I saw Mode for this tour as well. It was the only time I ever saw them live and it was also the first concerted I attended with my future wife. Set list looks like it might’ve been similar.

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  2. Dave Gahan was the long hair guy, actually. Songs Of Faith And Devotion was launched on 22.03.1993. DM rules anyway 🙂
    My first live DM gig was 2001 by the way so it’s really nice you saw them at one of their best.

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    1. Oh yeah, it was Dave not Martin that had his long dark Nick Cave type hair-cut then, sorry i always get them mixed up for some reason? i think it could have been a week later in Australia for the release date here or something but that’s kind-of end of March almost? And oh yeah, it was one best shows i got to see at the old Entertainment Centre back in the day! Cheers for sharing you 1st DM gig tooo! Where was that? Glad you found my little write-up! Cheers mate 🙂


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