Top Ten Tracks: Pulp

Joking Aside – It album (April 1983)

Being Followed Home – Freaks album (May 1987)

My Legendary Girlfriend – single (March 1991) and Separations album (June 1992)

She’s Dead – Separations album track

Babies – single (Oct. 1992) and His ‘n’ Hers album (April 1994)

Common People – single (May 1995) and Different Class album (Oct. 1995)

UnderwearDifferent Class album track

Mile EndTrainspotting soundtrack (July 1996)

This Is Hardcore – single (March 1998) and This Is Hardcore album (March 1998)

DishesThis Is Hardcore album track

My own fave songs or what I’d titled/tagged top ten tracks is now back on Sunday again, which is like most of this year’s TTT posts have been! As promise last weekend, I’m calling Pulp as my fave Britpop band of all-time today! Is it a big surprise or something? Have said this before? What else can I say about them? Yeah, I’m including a couple of their under-rated or less well-known 80’s as well as the more popular 90’s. Mile End I think is my all-time fave by them, if you’ll like to know?

Right, I’m a little bored of these top ten tracks posts, right at this moment! So I’m going to give them a break, yet again. The idea was to do anyone and everyone I can possibly think off? But like I just said, doing the very same thing over and over is getting a bit boring, even if it’s a different bands/artists each weekend. In the meantime, let’s see if I can think of something else to blog about?

Anyway what about sharing your own fave Pulp song/s with me? Pretty please!

I think, this is late 90’s/early 2000’s Pulp!

Cheers 🙂


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