Song of the Day: Aberrant by Harmony

The Aberrant song is the closing track on the Harmonettes EP of only last year 2018. Which that EP was first sold as a tour EP after Harmony’s third album entitled Double Negative was released last year. So on those east coast Aussie tour dates you could pick to buy it in 4 colour options on 7″ vinyl but because no bands come to Perth, W.A. anymore I got it just from bandcamp in bright red sometime last year. It does play at 33 speed and does seem to say that’s all copy’s are now sold out too but you can still buy/download it from that site, you know? As far as I know, it’s the only place you can only get it from is bandcamp. I’ve included the whole EP at kind-of the end of the post because you might want to listen to the whole thing?

Just be really confusing Harmony on Harmonettes EP is just a three piece line-up of Amanda Roff on Bass & Vocals, Erica Dunn on Guitar & Vocals and Quinn Veldhuis on Drums. Six song EP by normally the vocal ensemble of Harmony and these songs were recorded in just one night in March 2018. The recording was done by Tom Lyngcoln, who’s the front-man of Harmony almost most of the time but not here. I think, I did blog about this year but because I really do love it so much it! Can I please do another post, right now? I don’t think anyone will care if I post them again, right! Maybe, you missed it last year when I did anyway? I shouldn’t repeat myself but will, sorry! Just delete it, if you don’t like it? But how could you, anyone not enjoy this?

Intro post kicking off kind-of new thingy today or by way of explaining this? Is song of the day a good title because I don’t know what else to call it? Maybe, I’m just expanding those A to Z posts, linked here. This idea is simply just blogging mainly some older songs I love/like/dig! Even if they’re only one year old, they’re still old-er songs. I can’t think how other than alphabetical how to do this? Maybe, I’ve just run out of blog post ideas? The plan is post a song every day or maybe every couple of days or few days or once a week or sometime? A lot of bloggers do this so I’m joining in with my own selected tracks, when I first started this music blog, was doing “classic” albums and “wicked” tracks but quickly moved into other things of anything/everything? It seems I don’t really like those describing words I’d used back then, wicked songs does sound like they’re from the Broadway musical about the wicked witch of… where was she from? I forget now but you know? The Wizard of Oz movie. I haven’t used that title/tag much lately so start something else, right now? Let’s see if I can focus just doing this for the moment? Might, thrown in something else every so often just break it up or something? Mainly I think, I will posted less well known stuff I really dig to maybe share with whoever is looking/listening? Also I will thrown in some bigger names or more well known stuff because peeps do seem to enjoy that too, OK? Any questions?


Erica, Amanda & Quinn (l-r) or this is how everyone watch’s bands in Melbourne town, you know?

Cheers 🙂


    1. Glad you like the song and this idea! They’re great live act because they did come to Perth on the tour/album before this one but i don’t think they have tour oversea at all but i could be wrong? i don’t know about that! Cheers 🙂


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