What I’ve Been Listening to in November 2019

Let’s trim it down a bit this month because does anyone even check out everything I reco anyway? Last month was so over the top packet full of stuff so here’s just five main ones for me this month which you might know already?

Amazingly HTRK’s Jonnine Standish has released solo debut: Super Natural EP! That’s making it four month running of totally new stuff! They or she can’t keep doing this? But this was dropped at the very tail end of last month but I missed it so I just have to included it right now! The four track EP:

Or watch the video clip to song Scorpio Rises Again:

I didn’t think this would ever happen again! What should be the very last great comeback of this year? After nearly ten years of nothing new Eddy Current Suppression Ring have dropped new song Our Quiet Whisper earlier this month! Totally brand new album entitled All In Good Time coming next month on 13th of Dec. Check the video for Our Quiet Whisper:

So at the almost end of 2019 finally we get official release of the Bob Dylan and Johnny Cash sessions! It’s entitled Travelin’ Thru 1967 – 1969: The Bootleg Series Vol. 15 which since the very beginning of his official bootleg series since the early 90’s this is the one I’ve really been waiting for the most! So unbelievable, it’s only taken 15 box-sets to get to it! Released on 1st Nov. with only three CD’s we also get: all the late 60’s sessions of his two albums entitled the John Wesley Harding and Nashville Skyline plus his The Johnny Cash Show appears in 69. Also early 1970’s Self Portrait album outtakes of his Cash covers and then ending with session with Earl Scruggs, another country & western singer-songwriter in May 1970. So the dates on this album front cover are wrong too. I guess, it’s his own C&W time period or some critics/fans do call it, him inventing Americana music style right then! Here’s a video they made for Wanted Man duet:

Leonard Cohen’s posthumous album Thank For The Dance was released on 22nd of this month. Lenny’s son Adam with some very famous muso friends have taken his vocal tracks recordings made while making You Want It Darker of 2016 and turn into one more album. LC doesn’t have a huge achieve of unreleased stuff like some we could name? So could this artist be one of the only that has only one album released after his death? But I guess we will see, if they dig up more? Even if they are saying this is it at the moment! Here’s the video they made for Happens to the Heart song:

Fifth and final album today wasn’t released this month but back in April this year. German electronic music duo Mouse On Mars released Dimensional People album. I’ve been listening not just that new-ish one but their whole back catalog which if you don’t know them? They have been around since early 90’s so I forget how much they have but it’s a lot? But I do love them so much, this seems like a great wicked way to finish of my What I’ve Been Listening to in 2019 monthly blog posts:

BTW just letting dear readers/listeners know now, will be NO December version of this blog post series because I will be doing some-kind of some-up of the whole year 2019 or end of the year thingy, OK? I might bring it back next year or do something else or totally different? Hope you did enjoy any or all of my reco’s, if you pressed play anytime this year?

It’s solo Jonnine looking in a mirror!

Cheers 🙂



  1. This is great, William. I’d never heard of Jonnine Standish or Mouse on Mars. I will be incorporating both into my radio show soon.

    My New Year’s resolution will be to carve out some time each week to review your blog and other sources for new stuff.

    Liked by 1 person

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