Song of the Day: Abgedroschen by Not From There

English translation of ’abgedroschen’
abgedroschen [ˈapɡədrɔʃn ]
ADJECTIVE (informal)
hackneyed (Brit) ⧫ well-worn
[Witz auch] corny (inf)

Once again like my song of day post last week is another German word which that’s cut & paste from Collins website but I closed the tab before getting the link, does that really matter?

The Abgedroschen is the ninth track on their debut album entitled Sand on Seven of 1998 which an under-rated masterpiece in my opinion! Finding only a live recording on YouTube just above but below is the whole album, if want more to listen too? Did you know? The full back catalog of Not From There stuff including all the singles and EPs is available on bandcamp? Anyway the song Abgedroschen is sung entirely in lead singer Heinz Riegler’s native tongue: German.

Is the story behind the band is pretty known by now but if you don’t know? I’ll tell again right now, just for you! They’re from known to be from Brisbane, Australia in the late 90’s but they original formed in London in 1991 but the three members of the band are Austrian-born. In 1992 bassist Hills and drummer Lambert got deported from UK to Australia and Riegler followed them a little later.

They only had one more album in the early 2000’s and then broke-up. I did name Sand on Seven album in my 305 “classic” albums and was one of my fave/greatest 90’s Aussie albums when I made those lists a long while ago. The album did win the ARIA for “Best Alternative Release” in 1999, that’s like the Aussie Grammys so no big deal really but Riegler’s did say in hindsight “I felt that winning that thing pretty much was the kiss of death.” He does still make music himself which can be found on his bandcamp, linked here. I think, this is my very first blog post just all about them by me but most likely not going to be the last because I have to feature some other songs by them, sometime? They have very little online about them so I should have made this post a little bit better! Aussie radio double j website does have a great interview with Heinz, linked here a couple of years old now which is the best kind-of history of the band and what he’s been up to since then? I think that’s it, at least for the moment! I hope you do enjoy them if you do press play now?


Not From There is Heinz Riegler (left), Simon Lambert (middle) and Anthony Hills, in late 90’s!

Cheers 🙂

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