1001 Albums Book: 1989

Well, it’s a Saturday morning huge late 80’s playlist for everyone who need something to listen tooo this weekend? It’s been such a pretty shit year listening to this 1001 book/list because this is only my fourth post of 2019! Which is one post better than last year. Maybe, next year I will say try to aim for at least once a month post of this or I’ll never finish it! So here’s yet another pile of albums I/you must listen to before I/you drop dead so I’ve now heard them almost back to back. Have to ask: have you heard all these one?

This time, I’ve notices this book has a couple of albums listed in the wrong year, yet more mistakes which you would think after reprinting it so much the editor or someone would have fixed it but nope! Maybe, most peeps don’t care what year or one year out doesn’t matter or something?

So that’s another playlist just above which I’ve already made last year sometime, that old post linked here. I’ve added to the end of it some songs from these albums. The newly added 1001 albums book/list songs starting at track number 78 but I’ve already added a lot of songs from these albums. Plus now I’m giving only three acts double songs because they’re really very lucky and totally wicked great in my little opinion, guess who?

Anyway in order as listed in my copy of this book with my little extra two cents comments are as follows…

The Real Thing by Faith No More starting with the best or the one I’m naming as my fave album of this year. It broken into my small town country boring life as a teenager to saved my life. Pretty much, all Bogans and Surfers or most peeps there hated this album which made me love it even more. Couple of songs on my playlist above at numbers 15 and 78 are Zombie Eaters and Surprise! You’re Dead!

Let Love Rule by Lenny Kravitz everyone knows he did go on to have bigger hits/albums but funny his one/only listed in this book which I already did have his track/video clip for Mr. Cab Driver on my playlist as track number 48.

The Healer by John Lee Hooker Once again it’s very odd this is JLH one/only album in the book. Because it’s full of all-stars guests featuring on almost all the tracks which most are totally re-recordings of his older songs. I guess, some enjoy that type of thing? I did already have one of the only new tracks at the time, the Carlos Santana featuring title track on my playlist at song number 21.

Technique by New Order they have two albums in this book, off course Joy Division have both their albums too. Pretty much everyone else names Power, Corruption & Lies of 1983 as their best which isn’t listed so I guess, maybe it’s odd/cool they have something else. Adding Mr. Disco as track number 81.

Like A Prayer by Madonna Express Yourself is already track number 50, what can I say about her? Everything has already been said before better that I could say?

All Hail The Queen by Queen Latifah old school female rapper who’s these days might be known more as a movie star? Her debut is the only one and picking, adding Come Into My House as track number 82.

Playing With Fire by Spacemen 3 Jason Pierce’s first of three albums in this book. Let’s add the song called Suicide at number 83 because it’s longest which means it’s got the most feedback.

Fromohio by fIREHOSE the one and only album by them included but lucky the Minutemen do have one too, What Gets Heard is now track number 84.

Paul’s Boutique by Beastie Boys Shake Your Rump is track number 67, what can I say about them? Everything has already been said before better that I could say?

L’Eau Rouge/Red Water by The Young Gods when doing those A-Z thingos I named these guys as my second fave Euro band and now I will name this as my second fave album of 1989 today! Even if the whole thing is not sung in English, no big deal for me. It’s the only album for them in the book. Pas Mal is track number 66 and adding Rue Des Tempetes as the closing track 95 now.

Spy Vs. Spy by John Zorn jazz legend Ornette Coleman isn’t in this book at all but they included this homage album to him. Making this the only jazz album of 89 and didn’t even known of it before but picking out song Feet Music as track number 85.

Self-titled by The Stone Roses Fool’s Gold is already track number 38 but not originally on the album but I love that more than any of the album’s track so sorry, I’m not going to changing it because it was added as bonus track at some point later?

Raw Like Sushi by Neneh Cherry Buffalo Stance is my playlist’s track number 49, what can I say about her too? Everything again has already been said before better that I could say?

Djam Leelii by Baaba Maal & Mansour Seck the one/only album of 89 from African artists but book tells me both where living/working in France for almost a decade at this point. Can’t say I’ve heard it before but it’s incredible beautiful and picking Ko Wone Mayo as track number 86.

The Sensual World by Kate Bush This Woman’s Work song was already number 46, once again what can I say about her? Everything has already been said before better that I could say?

Disintegration by The Cure I’m adding the video clip for Fascination Street because that’s my fave from this album after listening again now, is track number 87.

90 by 808 State it seems this dance/techno act has name their album what would be the next year after 89, proving they can count or something? I’ve added Pacific 202 as number 88 which is what is before 89 so I’ve been told, proving I can count sometimes.

What’s That Noise? by Coldcut back to back electronic albums. I’ve just got to added I’m In Deep as playlist track 89 because it’s featuring Mark E. Smith, The Fall didn’t release a studio album that year but now he doesn’t miss out this year.

Moss Side Story by Barry Adamson I’d kind-of forgotten how wicked great Barry solo debut album is and the whole pretend soundtrack is cool. His The Man With The Golden Arm is number 64.

Pump by Aerosmith so this album was the most popular in my Aussie small town hell in 89 or just everywhere, I guess? I couldn’t never get into them, maybe not as bad as my teenage self did think because I’ve even added hit single Janie’s Got A Gun as number 80.

Doolittle by Pixies some unknown reason I hadn’t added them to my playlist yet, well Debaser is number 79 now so is that better now? I don’t think, I need to tell you about them, right?

Nick Of Time by Bonnie Raitt the one/only album by her in this whole book. First of three I remember my family loved at this time, BR was blues artists my dad enjoy so I heard a lot of her stuff by way of him. I Ain’t Gonna Let You Break My Heart Again is now track number 90.

Repeater by Fugazi their debut album was released in 1990 you fuckin’ idiots! I’ve got Burning Too as track number 44 but that’s from original an EP but let’s add Song Number One which is the three bonus tracks on the end but were put out this year, let’s make it my playlist second last song at 94.

Club Classics Vol. 1 by Soul II Soul I remember this now because it huge at the time and was my mum fave too, she was after school dance teacher so this would have been perfect for her class. Adding hit single Back To Life at track number 91.

3 Feet High And Rising by De La Soul Me Myself and I is track number 28, what can I say about them? Once again and again everything has already been said before better that I could say?

Rhythm Nation 1814 by Janet Jackson I do remember my younger sister totally loved her at the time and now it’s not as bad as I remember, it’s just a pop thing so let’s pick Black Cat as track number 92.

Done By The Forces Of Nature by Jungle Brothers like only the third or fourth album I’ve not heard of before, well some I’m not very big fan of or at least know of the artist before even if I’ve not really listen to them before. Anyway I’m not that into rap but this is very cool, picking Feelin’ Alright as number 93.

Straight Outta Compton by N.W.A. was released in 1988 you fuckin’ idiots but you’ve listed as the last album of the 80’s!

Once again, zero Aussies are in this book but my playlist does have them with tracks number 1 to 12 and then 53 to 63 plus couple of fave Kiwi tracks as 13 & 14 too!

Well, it’s just gotta be FNM’s The Real Thing album as one I’m calling the best of 89!

OK, does this book have your fave album of 89 in it? Or more import does my playlist have your fave song on it? What are they? Please share! Or just wanna say something about all this? Please do!

Cheers 🙂


  1. 1989 – A very bad year for music. I still think, its better to die before listening to crap like de la soul /soul II Soul and so on. Only the Pixies made their best Album at that time.
    New Order? I never ever understand why they are famous for that. Okay, they are the ruins from Joy Division, but than they turned to bullshit.
    Faith no more … just like the Bandname said: I don’t beliefed at 89, that I discover new Bands for my own taste of music. In the 90s I found out, that some 70s Bands are doin’ great Come Back Albums (Nazareth/Heart/Hall&Oates/Meat Loaf/J.J.Cale/Page&Plant…) so I don’t missed new Names and Bands..

    Liked by 1 person

    1. That’s a fair call, maybe that’s why i am not so keen of reading/listening to it that much, making my blogging about it few and far between! i don’t know why i decided to do it in the 1st place really? maybe, seeing some other bloggers doing it or something so i’m joining in, adding my 2 cents? i did taken the piss out of it to started with but i figure that was a little bad or way too negative or something? Maybe, it’s not?

      How about this dude? would you like to press play on my playlist above at the top of this post and listen to maybe, the 1st ten or fifteen songs on it? they’re NOT in that bloody book but just some of my own faves of mainly indie Aussie/Kiwi tracks and see/hear if you dig any of them? i would like know what you think of those tracks? i don’t think most were even released overseas at the time? anyway the invite is put forward to you by me but you don’t have to if don’t want to that! no pressure, just an idea?
      Cheers 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

    2. Oh, it’s number 14 as the very last Aussie/Kiwi song on my playlist. That last one is an old 70’s song covered! Anyway you really don’t have to listen to any of them, if you don’t wanna! 🙂

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