Song of the Day: Abschied by Nico

English translation of ’Abschied’
Abschied [ˈapʃiːt ]
Word forms: Abschied(e)s genitive , Abschiede [-də] plural
farewell ⧫ parting

After only a few of these songs of the day posts, here’s the third track in German! It might be a little odd but it seem I love songs in that language, I hardly know English because it’s just taken me five minutes to figure out how to spell language. Anyway above is German to English cut & paste from Collins dictionary website, linked here.

That’s seems to be video clip for the song with screaming intro at the start which is not on the album. Nico standing on the side of the road while goats/sheep herd passed her for some unknown mad reason, why don’t they make videos like this anymore?

Abschied was track number five on her 1970 Desertshore album. Off course, Nico is most well-known for The Velvet Underground banana Andy Warhol album but I loved exploring her solo career. Avantgarde/experimental doesn’t begin to describe her at all, she is a total musical genius and I don’t care what anyone else says! If you don’t believe me some famous fans are Swans’ Micheal Gira has named dropped this album more than once over the years. I know, no one doesn’t like Morrissey in 2019 but I do know when he was cool, he did called Desertshore one of his fave albums of all-time too! Most likely others too but those ones are a couple I can think off the top of my head. I guess, it might not be for everyone?

Nico doesn’t seem to have a official website or anything like it but here’s fan facebook page, if you dig that kind-of thing? If your local record shop doesn’t have any Nico it’s pretty shit but I guess, you should find it somewhere online to buy a copy? Is it a waste time linking where to buy music because everyone just want to stream everything these days and not buy anything anymore?

Nico playing the piano in 1970!

Cheers 🙂


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