Song of the Day: Absence by Snowman

Snowman in this case is NOT a sculpture made with kind-of frozen water with carrot for a nose or Michael Fassbender movie from a couple of years ago but a four piece Aussie band!

Absence is the closing and the track track from their final and third album of 2011. I do know I did blogged about them not that long ago but can’t find it myself, must be under something else so here’s a post just for them! This album was recorded in London, U.K. but by the time it was released the band themselves had broken-up so they did zero promo for it and has almost disappear. Minus mad buggers like myself remember them and now madly blogging about them, just to see if anyone else will check them out?

Snowman formed in early 2000’s in Perth, Western Australia with line-up of guitarists Joe McKee and Andy Citawarman and bassist Olga Hermaniussen who all do share vocals on this album with drummer Ross DiBlasio who didn’t sing at all on it. BTW It never ever snows in Perth, it’s way too hot most of the time! They moved to Melbourne, Victoria by the time to record their second album in 2008 entitled The Horse, the Rat and the Swan, linking that album here. Then finally moving to Britain where they imploded after a few years there. McKee did do his second solo album last year, linked here too plus he’s now based in Los Angeles, California, U.S.A. he gets around a bit. All those three albums are on bandcamp but most likely blog about them all again, sooner or later?


It looks like I’ve stole their passport photos but it’s from top left clockwise: Olga, Ross, Joe and Andy.

Cheers 🙂


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