Song of the Day: Abigail by The Gin Club

Here’s a nice mellow Monday morning song for anyone who wants to listen to it?

 The Gin Club have a huge eight member line-up! I’ve seen them live a couple of times over the years when toured to the west coast, both times they didn’t really fit on the stages they’d played on. They’re are from Brisbane, Queensland and formed in the 2000’s after meeting each other at a local pub open mic night.

The Abigail song is from their third album entitled Junk of 2008 which was a huge double album with thirteen songs on each of the discs, what does that add up too? I think, all of the eight members do have songwriting credits on it too. This Abigail song is the last song on the first disc. It’s also the first track with a female name as the title I’ve picked in this song of the day thingy I’m doing now. Just, guessing there might be some more before I finish this little project. Hello to any Abigail’s reading/looking this blog post but anyone who’s listen? You’ll know it’s not about a girl/woman but a very old boat or ship named Abigail in olden days. Do I need to say more?

The songwriter of this track is Ola Karlsson, who I’ve heard is working on his debut solo album plus lately been playing some shows over on the east of Australia. It seem, if they do have plan for The Gin Club is everyone of the members to release some-kind of solo work because been a few years since their last band album with then some having already done just that. Well, that’s what seem to be happening? Here’s their fb, linked here if you wanna know more or see what is going to be coming up?

It’s yet another Aussie band I dig who has a bandcamp page! So you’re going to buy it? Get it straight from them there or stream it here:


Sorry, I’m not telling you everyone’s names today because I couldn’t ever figure it out myself?

Cheers 🙂



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