Song of the Day: Absinthe by Beth Orton

My love’s a star you only saw the traces of
What went before is not no more
It’s the embers of
People always catching names too late
And we’re all sorry there’s no time to make the change
I could hear rebellion rising
I could feel the stars aligning
I could see the way uprising
But I never did seem to find my way back home
My love’s a ball I threw to you
Once I was gone you caught it too
Love ignored erodes in time
Changes shape went and changed your mind
All I really needed was someone to take me home
Enough absence can crush a spirit to the bone
And I could feel rebellion rising
I could hear the stars aligning
I could see the way uprising
But I never did seem to find my way back home
No I never did seem to find my way back home

Well, I’ve said it before that Beth would be my most fave female singer-songwriter that debut in the 90’s. There were a lot back then but somehow it’s Orton rises to top of the list, at least for me. Most likely this post is going to be only the very first of her track to be included in my new-ish song of the day thingo? Can I call it a mid-week drinking song too? Absinthe the song by Beth Orton was the eighth track her fourth album entitled Comfort of Strangers of 2006.

So she does seem to have an official website but not much is on it other than links to social media, is that what everyone wants these day? This album can’t be that hard to find? My own copy does have a bonus limited edition EP, songs recorded with Dirty Three’s Jim White and M. Ward but the album itself was with recorded with Jim O’Rourke and Tim Barnes, I remember seeing her live around this time with Ward/White which a great show. What else can I say? I guess, I don’t have go on and on about everything forever? The whole album Comfort of Strangers streaming here:


BO partying in her Pajamas!

Cheers 🙂



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