Song of the Day: Abstract by Body/Head

Subtitled or could be? Feedback Friday morning, how about that?

Today, it’s the opening track on the debut album Coming Apart of 2013 by duo calling themselves Body/Head. That’s Kim Gordon of formerly Sonic Youth with Bill Nance, both on guitars with nothing else at all. It’s pretty much the very first thing she did after her band Sonic Youth disbanded with the divorce of Thurston Moore. For those who know nothing about them and are just randomly looking/listening at this post and are NOT big huge Sonic Youth nerd fans? Both Gordon and Moore were married and in Sonic Youth who released sixteen albums from 80’s to late 2000’s. Or does everyone know all about them, by now? I don’t know?

In 2015 Kim published her memoir entitled Girl In A Band which I totally loved every word about, well everything that she wrote about in it but I can see why some fans didn’t enjoy it much? Gordon just release her debut solo album earlier this year which I did also totally love too, to me she can do no wrong. But I do understand why her music is not everyone’s cup of tea! This post is most likely just first one of a lot of my much loved Kim Gordon songs to come in the near future, OK?

All formats of this album are available from the indie label Matador, linked here if you need/want a copy? Their second album called The Switch of only last year 2018 is on bandcamp, linked here but the first one isn’t so stream it here:


The duo of Body/Head: Bill (left) and Kim (right).

Cheers 🙂



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