Song of the Day: About A Boy by Patti Smith

Toward another
He has gone
To breathe an air
Beyond his own
Toward a wisdom
Beyond the shelf
Toward a dream
That dreams itself

About a boy
Beyond it all
About a boy
Beyond it all

From the forest
From the foam
From the field
That he had
Toward a river
Twice as blessed
Toward the inn
Of happiness

About a boy
Beyond it all
About a boy
Beyond it all

From a chaos
Raging sweet
From the deep
And dismal street
Toward another
Kind of peace
Toward the great

About a boy
Beyond it all
About a boy
Beyond it all

I stood among them
I stood alone
Boy boy
Just a boy
Just a little boy
Just a little boy
Who will never grow

I wasn’t going to post this track in my song of the day thingy for some reason but listening again, I’ve changed my mind as you can see, if you’re looking at this? Does everyone know it’s Patti Smith song about Kurt Cobain? Whoever uploaded it to YouTube even has a photo of him. It was track number three on her 1996 album entitled Gone Again which was her sixth studio album. Some of the lyrics seem to be missing above, almost at the end of the song but I’ve just cut & paste from one of the many lyric websites but they all seem to be missing those same words, if you listen closest you can just make them out!

Death did seemed to be all around Patti with her husband Fred “Sonic” Smith, her brother Todd, photographer and best friend from her 70’s NYC years Robert Mapplethorpe and pianist for Smith’s band Richard Sohl all passing away leading up to it or while she was writing this album. Also Jeff Buckley did join her on the recording sessions for this album doing some backing vocals, I don’t need to say what happened to him?

Off course, I do love this song and have to posted it today but what else can I say about it that’s not been said before? I’m just repeating above what is known, just encase you somehow don’t know? Maybe, most people don’t know this stuff? Anyway you would hope you could easy get a copy of any of Patti Smith’s albums anywhere? If you don’t have them? But here once again is streaming the whole album:


When I found this image it did it’s PS in 96!

Bonus song of the day: I think, I figured I had to also do another whole post about Nirvana’s About A Girl as well, if I posted this one but here’s it is just tagged on the end as a extra song or something? Sorry to everyone who thinks it should be the other way around or something? Plus to all Nirvana fans, I with give them whole song of the day post/s sooner or later with some of my more loved by them, OK? Kurt’s song got nothing to do with Patti Smith, you know? But here’s the unplugged version:

P.S. I’ll most likely not be posting anything in the next couple of days so merry or happy Xmas to you whoever’s looking at this post!

Cheers 🙂


  1. You’ve done it again mate, introduced me to great music I wasn’t aware of. Those lyrics open up the luring mystery of death in a way that makes Kurt’s suicide almost understandable. Funnily enough, I also got the feeling the song could have been about any young soldier dying in a faraway war. Have loved your posts all year William…Happy Xmas!

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