Song of the Day: According To My Heart by The Reels

It’s got a great early 80’s video clip with the singer singing this love song to a or his horse and rest of band jumping around like crazy. Maybe, it’s really not the greatest of all their songs but it makes me smile every time I listen or watch it and I just love it totally whole heartily. If you’ve never heard them before? Maybe, I could have picked a better intro song?

The band themselves didn’t wanted this song on their album at the time but their record label did so a sticker told the buyer “Due To Record Company Pressure This Album Contains The Hit Single According To My Heart” and that’s their second studio album entitled Quasimodo’s Dream of 1981. To me, it is very under-rated and one of the greatest Aussie albums of all-time! On that 81 album According To My Heart was track number three but then the early 2010’s reissue it was changed to four. Does anyone else out there care that much about track listing?

Years later lead singer-songwriter Dave Mason did a solo album entitled Reelsville which was re-recording of Reels’ songs. It was kind-of called an acoustic album and his first new one in more than 15 years when released in 2007, he did a new version of this track:

Plus it’s the first cover in this song of the day thingy. The 1956 original version was recorded by Jim Reeves and written by Gary Walker so might as well included it too:

The Reels did crack the mainstream charts at the time but I think, they should be more well remember these days? Can I go as far as saying: every Australian home should have something by The Reels but most Aussies wouldn’t come close to even knowing who they’re? Some like myself love them dearly and let’s say it’s just my first song of the day post for them! Anyway you can listen/stream their second album Quasimodo’s Dream here:

Early 80’s The Reels with Dave Mason front and centre!

Well, that’s only my thirteenth song of the day post which is also most likely my last post of 2019, hope everyone has a nice and safe New Years’s and see you in 2020!

Cheers 🙂


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