What I’ve Been Listening to in December 2019

So I did say I wasn’t going to do a December version of this post set but let’s do 12 for 12 of 2019 because it’s been great year for new music! The last month of the year is normally void of great new releases, that’s why I did say I’ll skip it but they just keep coming! Anyway here’s my top four releases this month plus one older EP which are all well worth blogging about to finish off this year, have you listened to these yet?

All In Good Time by Eddy Current Suppression Ring which is the comeback album after something like nine years hiatus. After three albums, I think the hype was getting a bit much so they pull the plug but Brendan Huntley a few months ago did say they were back jamming together forgetting to say off course, they were recording too:

When in Rome, Carpe Diem by Scott & Charlene’s Wedding have been away for awhile but not as long as ECSR. Nope, they’re not a wedding band but name after Jason Donovan and Kylie Minogue as appearing on Neighbours TV show years and years ago, who if you don’t remember? They got married! So why not name your band after that?

Pleaser by Georgia Maq who you might know as leader a of indie rockers Camp Cope but on her debut solo album it’s keyboards, synths etc. all recorded in her bedroom. Fun fact is Georgia before forming the band Camp Cope she was a solo performer artist:

Always A Godmother, Never A God by Kelso is not Dr. Kelso from Scrubs TV series but Kelly-Dawn Hellmrich, who’s Camp Cope’s bassist and a couple of mates. This EP was released a couple of months ago but let’s included now:

MTV Unplugged by Courtney Barnett which is her first live album. Some reason this year MTV revived their unplugged shows in Melbourne of all place? So far, until this one with CB I’ve not that interested in who’s done it but she does a killer setlist:

Well, I did say yesterday that was my last post but this one is now most definitely my last post of this year! So I’ll say see you in 2020 again & again!

Eddy Current Suppression Ring are back! They’re Brad Barry, Brendan Huntley, Danny Young & Mikey Young (l-r) with someone’s baby who’s not in the band.

Cheers 🙂

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