Song of the Day: Acid Thunder (Fast Eddie Mix) by Fast Eddie Smith

So it’s Sunday morning but let’s just keep dancing and tripping! We’ve been doing for well over 48 hours now so why stop now! Or do you just wanna go to bed or have you already by now?

So I should point out that’s the Acid Thunder (Fast Eddie Mix) or sometimes known as Acid Thunder (Fast Thunder) or sometimes both written like Acid Thunder (Fast Thunder) (Fast Eddie Mix) or something along those lines? It’s the one I love the very best! Yeah, it is different to other versions of Acid Thunder. So you might ask what the the hell is different? Well, the main things other that I love it way more, is this one is off course is just has little faster beats but biggest things missing is all the vocals too. So the one dig is just a totally instrumental. There were a four versions of this song on the original 12″ and (Smooth Thunder) was the opening one which has female vocals singing who I can’t seem to find the vocal credits so it’s going to be file under unknown singer? The second one has someone rapping on it or could that be Eddie himself? Once again, these old school recordings of dance music are very hard to find full credits! But I do know you would then flipping it, like if you had the 12″ vinyl on the B-side you’ll find that one I’ve got just above. Another fourth version was after that too. Also even though Eddie wrote it the four versions were mixed by three other DJ’s so the (Fast Eddie Mix) is or you could say the only one totally him! Does that make it any better? I don’t know? It’s the one I like/love that best, if that counts? Anyway that’s just little about the song, you might like to know or not? I think, I’ve most likely confused the shit out of you, right?

Here’s little about him now: born Edwin A. Smith and mainly known as Fast Eddie but off course like the last couple of artists worked under a few different names. I think, I’ve even added the Smith bit like his last name to my blog post title. It should be just Fast Eddie really, you know? Released also in Chicago and 1988, snap again and again! He had his debut album the same year, entitled Jack To The Sound and the opening song on that was the main version of Acid Thunder. D.J. International Records was the label releasing his stuff which was again another independent label doing dance music also putting out some very early rap/hip-hop artists of the 80’s too.

OK, here’s that main version or sometimes called Acid Thunder (Smooth Thunder) as my bonus extra track today! So you can compare the two yourself, if you’ll like too? Which one do you like the best, why not tell me just below, right now?


Old school 80’s photo of Eddie is today’s featured image!

Cheers! 🙂



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