Song of the Day: Acid Tracks by Phuture

OK, the long waits is over! Here’s part four and final track of my dance, house music sub-genre of acid house! Now fourth blog post and with this song that’s pretty much credited to start it all, you know? The last three posts/songs have been from 1988 but this one is a year earlier of 1987 but a very pressing of it does exist of 1986!

I have blogged them and this song before when one of these guys passed away couple of years ago but is most likely lost in piles of old posts, unless you go digging around all the old stuff I’ve posted or maybe you might been following/listening to my little blog for a long while? I forget sometime what done so who else is going to? Anyway doesn’t matter because here it is again for everyone this Saturday morning who’s wants to check it out?

Above at the very top of this post is the 12″ over ten minutes version and and then below it’s edited shorter version as track number 11 on another wicked cool VA comp album I found on bandcamp site. TRAX Records was yet another one of the indie labels who released a lot of this style of music back in Chicago in the hey days. It’s a 20 year anniversary release which is obvious is much older, right now!

I hope you do enjoy it? I’ll skip my silly drug and dancing jokes today too!


The three members of Phuture in a bright green park in their later years, sometime?  

Sorry about my very sparse or vague blog posting for the start of this year 2020 but I guess we’ll see if I can get back into a bit more or maybe not? I shouldn’t have called these song of the day because it’s more like only a couple per week!

Cheers! 🙂

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