Song of the Day: Accountancy Is Hard by Pale Heads

Back to my song of the day, well week or randomly every few days today! It’s yet more Aussie indie rock again! Can be for all the accountants that read/listen my blog too! If you are a follower to this silly thing? You’ll know be now, or might know I’m pretty bad at maths so I’ll totally agree with this song title. I’m not that great at writing too but I keep doing this thing! As for the band name, Pale Heads were the name for the zombie type creatures in 90’s video game Resident Evil. Then Milla Jovovich starring as Alice, the main protagonist of the Resident Evil film series. I have no idea, if members of this band are fans of that and are named after it or the band name did come from somewhere else?

Anyway the band itself has some very wicked cool members that are from other great bands, you might know from me banging on about them or you might know them already? Pale Heads band singer-songwriter on guitar is Tom Lyngcoln from The Nation Blue which I guess, is his main act because they been going since the very late 90’s. My fave one of his acts is called Harmony which you might remember as the the very first post in this set of blog posts? But that was the all-female line-up of that band and TL was just doing the recording of that. He did have his debut solo album entitled Doming Home a couple of years ago. Also on guitar is Rui Periera formerly was The Drones early guitarist who played on their albums Here Comes The Lies, Wait Long By The River…, Miller’s Daughter and Gala Mill. Bass player is Thomy Sloane also for Batpiss who everyone should know by now? The drummer is Xiao Zhong who’s been in other bands before but trust me, they’re very hard to find!

Accountancy Is Hard is the second last song on the 13 track debut album Headless of 2015. Second album Don’t Wait Outside The Heart was out in 2017, could be around time for third album? Like all my fave Aussie bands can be found on the bandcamp website:


Pale Heads are Tom, Thomy, Xiao and Rui (left-right)

Cheers 🙂

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