Great Art: Daniel Richter’s 2006 Paintings

Yet another re-intro blog post of some visual artists I really, really love a lot this Sunday morning! Starting again where I begin last year, with one of my all-time fave painters: Daniel Richter! This now going to be his fifth post on my little blog, check the other ones under his tag, linked here. I included all his bio details, photo what he looks like etc. in those older posts so what the hell do I type today? I don’t know? I’ll say this art gallery post is the first one after a big long gap, I think I over did these posts last year and got bored or something? I still loved the art but just over killed it myself by blogging too much! It might be a couple of weeks or more or something before the next one, OK?

All paintings below are from 2006 and are oil on canvas, unless notes say something else. Off course, these are just the ones I could easily find online somewhere? I think, he did do way more paintings like I’ve only got one of his oils on paper, joining pieces of papers together with sellotape. I really do love his oil on paper paintings but seems like they’re harder to find so if I do at some stage, I’ll most likely just do another post about them!

Captain Jack
Alles Ohne Nichts (Everything Without Nothing), 2006-07
Untitled, Oil and Sellotape on Paper
Lonely Old Slogan

Song to go with these paintings: I don’t feature much rap on my blog but I don’t think I can have anyone else today than N.W.A with the classic old school hit 1988’s Fuck Tha Police:

Cheers 🙂


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