Song of the Day: Acknowledgement by John Coltrane

Well, it’s more well known as A Love Supreme Part 1 Acknowledgement or it’s title is something like that but I just called it Acknowledgement! So tell me how wrong I am or something? The youtuber who uploaded it does the same so I can’t be the only one, I guess? It’s jazz rack today for my song of the day, a style of music I should feature more on my blog but haven’t really. He’s a jazz legend so even if you know nothing about it? You’ll know of John Coltrane name, right? A Love Supreme album is most likely his most well known album too, right? Off course, this is the opening track of four songs on that album. I’ll tell you, it was recorded in December 1964 and then release January 1965 just to remind you or something? Also Coltrane himself did passed away on 17th July 1967. So after that, I don’t know what else to say? Because if you do a google search you can find a million things about him and this album, you know? So do that if you wanna know more? Let’s just make this shorter and sweeter post today! Also streaming the whole A Love Supreme album here:


JC and his saxophone!

A bonus song of the day plus my fun fact today, you might not know? Aussie indie rock band The Drones leader, singer-songwriter Gareth Liddiard and now of Tropical Fuck Storm band. His first instrumental he try before guitar was a saxophone because somehow he got into jazz before punk? So from the comp album of 2005 The Miller’s Daughter is one of their earliest song recorded in lounge room in East Perth in 1999 was called I Believe. Somehow it includes all these: Coltrane’s Acknowledgement lyrics, bits of Suicide’s Alan Vega song of the same name, parts of a very old Blind Willie Johnson song plus according to liner notes by GL “lines some bloke was singing to himself on the street.” Here it is:

Cheers 🙂



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