Soundtrack Songs: The Handmaid’s Tale S1 E2 Birth Day

Today’s post has four songs in it which are:

Heyr Himnasmiður by Hildur Guðnadóttir

Three Little Birds by Bob Marley as performed/sung by Madeline Brewer

Heartbeat It’s A Love Beat by The DeFranco Family

Last scene and the end credits is Don’t You (Forget About Me) by Simple Minds

June (EM) right at the very start name drops some “blue” songs and one band so let’s included them too:

Blue Moon by Billie Holiday 

Rhapsody In Blue by George Gershwin

Tangled Up In Blue by Bob Dylan

(Don’t Fear) The Reaper by Blue Öyster Cult

Blue Monday by New Order

So since my weekend’s first post about this TV show, I’ve search it online and they’re about trillion sites dedicated to it. So I should have just looked that instead of doing this but I guess, this can be my two cents about The Handmaid’s Tale! Maybe, that means I’ve already gone off this idea for blog posts? Nope, I’ll keep doing it because I’ve started it now and the music is really cool wicked! Did you enjoy all those songs just above?

I’ve just also finishing re-reading the book or one of the versions of it! I found the new graphic novel with art and adaptation by Renee Nault at my local library. Also Margaret Atwood has written/published a sequel entitled The Testaments just last year, I haven’t read it yet! The Handmaid’s Tale novel was first published in 1985 so that’s a very huge gap between the two and the success of this TV series must have influenced her decision to write that follow-up novel. I can’t really say much more about it but I will read The Testaments at some point, I guess?

So Atwood herself other that staring in the previous episode has a bit to do with this TV adaptation, she was the consulting producer on 23 episodes of 2017-2018 and then credited with series writing credits on 13 episodes of 2017-2019. Overall, I think they’re up to 37 episodes, so far. I guess, I really should be seeing which ones while re-watching it? I think, these could be were the show quotes straight from the novel? The TV series and then novel or the other way around, are very different too but it’s the same thing. I think, they cover everything from the novel very quickly in the show and having been adding totally new things that fit very easy into the story. Expanding everything that was vague before. Where in her novel sometimes is left up to your own imagination, the TV show is so detail in explaining everything that Atwood left maybe, open to interpretation? That’s is a very quick comparing the two but it’s an amazing adaptation and one of the best novel to TV series around. So to end on today both are great and off course do come very highly recommend from me, if you’ve not check them out yet? Please do!

June & Fred (l-r) or actor’s names Joseph Fiennes & Elisabeth Moss (r-l) play a game of Scrabble in his office which is a couple of rules broken in just this scene in this second episode!

Cheers but no smiley face anymore on The Handmaid’s Tale posts!



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