Song of the Day: Across The Border by Bruce Springsteen

Amazingly it’s Bruce’s very first post as like the main feature artist on my music blog today! Off course he’s been in here more than a few times before but it’s always with a big pile of other artists plus he was on my TTT to do list for last year but got a bit bored doing them! Anyway this track is very appropriately one for me because I loved or enjoined his 90’s much more than his much more successful 70’s and 80’s. I guess, it’s nothing new because I’ve say before I love the 90’s. I guess, most think his 90’s was very hit and miss but I would prefer listening that than any of his very long career. I will try and include some more faves of mine or forgotten gems in these future song of the day thingys, OK? Springsteen is a very huge artist, what the hell can I add to everything that’s been said or written about him? Nothing really, but I will say he always used his popularly and voice to tell the stories of the less well off, like this song about people leaving their own home and looking for a better life somewhere else. We should be way more open to refugees, like here in Australia they have even cross a huge ocean too but this bloody government lock them all up in prisons indefinitely! Across The Border is the third last track on his The Ghost of Tom Joad album of 1995, streaming it in full here:


The Boss in the mid-90’s with his acoustic guitar!


Cheers 🙂



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