What I’ve Been Listening to in Jan. 2020

I’m keep doing these monthly blog posts because I can’t think of any other way of doing it? Reminding anyone/everyone what the hell this is about? These are just a few highlights of my month listening to music, mainly focusing on totally new music but sometimes I thrown in old stuff too! Well, the first month of a new year is always a bit little slow for new music so I’ve caught up with a few older releases of last year. I’ve included three releases by one artist of 2019 but the rest is somehow all new in 2020 for you to check out! Or have you already listened to all these so this is pointless?

Kicking off 2020 with not one but three live albums is King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard with all money going to help all the animals in bushfires/wildfires here in Australia. All three were recorded on last year’s world tour but here’s the Adelaide’s Thebarton Theatre one simply called Live In Adelaide ’19. This was the night before I got to see them in Perth, the setlist is close but not the same too. The other two are Euro shows with Paris and Brussels so if you can buy all three? I think, you can only get them on the best music streaming site: Bandcamp!

So my biggest discovery this month of artist I missed last year who is really unbelievable amazing listening with three releases all from 2019, goes under the name Uboa and is from Melbourne. The first way back in Feb. was seven track album entitled The Origin Of My Depression:

Then in June was split double with Bolt Gun and Uboa’s epic 14 minute The Slow Cancellation Of The Future:

And then in July collaboration five track EP/Mini-album The Absolute by Uboa and Solus Varak:

Album that’s out in April by tetema is the second album who they were just a duo on their debut in 2014. Who’s Mike Patton, he’s having live reunions with both his old bands Mr. Bungle and Faith No More this year. He’s with Aussie composer/pianist Anthony Pateras who’s playing electronics/synthesizers on album entitled necroscape. Expanding line-up to four with Will Guthrie of France on drums and Erkki Veltheim on violin/mandolin, who was born in Finland but another composer living and working in Australia.

California’s Thundercat is back this year too with brand new album entitled It Is What It Is release on the very same day in April as the album just above. This is going to be his fourth album and here’s first single from it, Black Qualls:

Donny Benet of Sydney is also back with brand new single Girl of My Dreams but no word of new album yet. He’s touring US/Canada this February and Europe this May, he’s very entertaining live performer you know?

A couple of brand new longer playing releases of this month to end on! Newcastle’s Collector aka Jason Campbell has six tracker entitled Prosthetic, was out on 10th Jan. which is some great electronic:

Finishing today’s post with Please Daddy by Sarah Mary Chadwick of Melbourne, yet again but who’s really a Kiwi. In truth she’s been around for a very longtime by now, I’ve never got into to her but I’ve been really enjoying her brand new album which was out on 24th Jan. and then also going back to listen to all her old stuff too!

King Gizz not live but from their last video clip of last year, which the same song is the third last one on the live album above!

Cheers! 🙂


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