Soundtrack Songs: The Handmaid’s Tale S1 E3 Late

They’re four songs in this one which are:

Fuck The Pain Away by Peaches

Heart of Glass (Crabtree Remix) by Blondie & Philip Glass

Erupting Light by Hildur Guðnadóttir

End credits is Waiting For Something by Jay Reatard

Right, only three posts into this set of blog posts with in the last couple I’ve typed a bit about both the book/s and this series, very briefly I guess? Trying not to give too much away, if you’ve not seen it yet? Maybe, I’ve already run out of thing to say, if I’m not going into anymore details and give away everything that happens in this show? Do I say anymore about it at all? Or not? Just posting all the songs here plus an image/still of this episode so as you can tell, not much writing at all or even less for this episode’s post. Do I do that, from the rest of these or what? Can’t just have Moss or June/Offred, the main character so I’ve got someone else who’s also pretty wicked great in The Handmaid’s Tale too for this Saturday’s morning.

Alexis Bledel is Ofglen, who’s in big trouble! Every if I was giving the whole show away, I really couldn’t put into words what happens to her in this third episode!



  1. Just so full on what happens to Ofglen, not something I would fancy in my own life that’s for sure. Fuck the Pain Away…such a classic song, very much a part of a period of my life. I could never get sick of this song LOL

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