Song of the Day: Actress by Dog Power

It’s the first New Zealand act to be included in my song of the day thingy! So they’re from Christchurch, if you wanna know from where? Dog Power are still pretty new-ish, had their self-titled debut released at the tail end of 2018 so I guess, it’s not that old yet? This one is a pretty chili song for your Wednesday morning listening. It was the fifth track on that seven song release, they’re working on their follower up right now and is due later this year! I do know a few songs called Actress but Dog Power won out, not that I’m doing every single song I know with these songs of the day thingos! Maybe, it might seem like it but really are just selected highlights I want to share with you, whoever would like to have a listen? Here’s Dog Power fb link and if you want to listen to the debut in full, we are back to using the Bandcamp streaming player again today:


The Dog Power duo on a dark stair case in 2018!

Cheers 🙂


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