Soundtrack Songs: The Handmaid’s Tale S1 E6 A Woman’s Place

It’s only a couple of songs in this one, which are:

Wild Is the Wind by Nina Simone

End credits is He’s Alive by Adam Taylor

Most of the music in this episode is by Adam Taylor and can be found on the score release. Just like I’ve been doing with the last couple of posts which it might drive everyone mad? But I think, I’m going to do The Handmaid’s Tale songs posts as every second one from now until, I guess I run out of episodes! I was trying to spread them out for some unknown reason? They’re a lot I’ll been doing so let’s call it the main thing or something like that? With something different every other post, mixing it up plus it does seems also I’ve got back into my daily blogging now! Well, that’s the plan for the moment and off course, I’ll say not much more because some still might not have seen it? Might help one other person to check it out with all my mad blogging? So far, these posts seem very popular but very little typing for now on like today’s, my Saturday morning post!

They’re having visitors so they clear all the blood of the wall where they hang all the dead bodies!




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