Mark Lanegan’s Top Ten of 2019

So here’s someone’s selection of music of last year for my Sunday morning post this weekend! I think he needs no intro but I guess, some might not know who he is? Simply he’s one of the last 90’s Seattle grunge singer standing but he’s really got better with age! He’s another fave artist of mine and Mark did released a couple of wicked great albums last year too! Also his auto-bio book or memoir entitled Sing Backwards and Weep is due out at the end of April as well.

I’ve nicked his list from record label Boomkat’s end of year charts, same place I also got that HTRK post I did here at the end of last month. So right here is where you can find the original page/list. BTW it’s ML’s second list of his fave music, I’d re-post his all-time fave albums a couple of years ago, linked that one here as well if you want to check out even more music he digs? Embedding everything below and it’s starting with his number one album going down to ten, in that order but I’ve not numbered them here:

Tutti by Cosey Fanni Tutti

Full Upon Her Burning Lips by Earth

Ear by Two Daughters


Tremendous / S.M. by Not Waving 

Let Love Decide Pt 1 by Various Artists

Deconstruction by Salford Electronics

What Nature Gives​.​.​.​Nature Takes Away by The Membranes

Kimberlin (Original Soundtrack) by Abul Mogard

The Envoy by Gavilán Rayna Russom

Wraith by Teeth of the Sea

Worth noting ML has ten releases all from last year, unlike both members of HTRK who didn’t!

What Mark Lanegan looks like and this is just want I image he would listen toooo!

Cheers 🙂


  1. Cosey Fan Tutti…wow really forboding and dark…I like it a lot, it would be hard to ignore as a background music though, it’s more like a full on soundtrack to a movie. Would actually suit The Hand Maid’s Tale.

    This Tremendous by Not Waving song…holy crap it’s so full on with the Donald Trump sample, does my head in. I’m not sure what to make of it hehe

    I also like Wraithe the last one too…very evocative with a lot of jazz influences. Hope you are having a good week William 🙂 Take care

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