Song of the Day: Act Nice and Gentle by The Kinks

You don’t need no fancy clothes
Where’d you get them, goodness knows?
Just show some civility
Act nice, act nice and gentle to me

I don’t need no luxuries,
As long as you are understanding,
I’m not difficult to please
Act nice, act nice and gentle to me

Well I’m the kind of guy who likes
To take you as I find you
So throw away those false eyelashes and,
Act nice, act nice, baby

Come on baby, hold my hand
Come on baby, understand, you gotta
Act nice, act nice and gentle to me
Act nice, act nice and gentle to me

Come on baby, hold my hand.
Come on baby, understand, you gotta
Act nice, act nice and gentle to me
Act nice, act nice and gentle to me

So it’s the second 60’s track to be added to my song of the day set but it’s the first 60’s rock n roll! It’s The Kinks taking out that honours, lucky them and you! If you pressed play? It was written by Ray Davies in 1967, as far as I know? It was first used as B-side for song Autumn Almanac. I wasn’t alive back then so I guess, know it more from the reissue of Something Else album bonus disc of whenever that was? Just above is the official audio from YouTube which even has that album cover artwork as the image but wasn’t originally on that album, just to be confusing or something? Or does everyone know the reissues track-listing better than how old album’s pressing? I’m unsure of including that album but here it is to stream with Act Nice and Gentle just after what would have been final song Waterloo Sunset, it’s now got an epic 52 song track-listing too:


Something nice and bright and colorful as feature image, I think this is The Kinks in 1967? 

Cheers 🙂



  1. I don’t know much of the Kinks stuff, other than those well known songs they are famous for. But they are really great at this melodic pop music from this time….when pop music actually was decent and great. I need to investigate their back catalogue further, they are great. I wonder why they werent more famous, could it be that there were too many great bands then like the Beatles and Rolling Stones which drowned out some other good music from that time?

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    1. i really love them a lot, remember reading about and back in the 60’s they had a lot of problems like all the well-known English 60’s band toured USA a lot but The Kinks had passport or visa problems, i can’t remember the details but they also had bad mangers and shit record labels etc. they had great songs but all these things seem the matter too! i will try a include more by them as i go along, OK? 🙂


    1. Oh well, thank you very much again! but i think i have given up on twitter, i did before add the # or @ thingos but it’s still linked to the blog but haven’t looked at my one for a long time now! feel free if you want to share whatever post you like on your twitter! Cheers again 🙂

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