Soundtrack Songs: The Handmaid’s Tale S1 E8 Jezebels

It’s these tracks for today’s episode:

White Rabbit by Jefferson Airplane

Bloom by Odesza

Spellbound by Zoe Devlin Love & Alex Tesla

Two Tree Island by Richie Phoe

Ending: Swan Lake Ballet suite Op. 20: Scene (Lake in the moonlight) by Belgrad Philharmonic Orchestra & Igor Markevich

Fred Waterford: It’s like walking in the past, don’t you think?

Offred: I thought these kinds of places were forbidden.

Fred Waterford: Mm. Officially.

Offred: Unofficially?

Fred Waterford: Oh, we turn a blind eye. Everyone’s human, after all. Now, let’s get you a drink. One won’t hurt. Wouldn’t look right if you didn’t.

June/Offred (Elisabeth Moss) is dressed up like the past.




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