Song of the Day: Across The Universe by Fiona Apple

Should I be saying sorry? Nope, fuck it! I’ll just tell you, if I really wanna listen to this song? It’s this dreamy cover that I go too! This is my own little blog so I figure that’s just being honest with you!

Fiona Apple recorded and released it on soundtrack album Pleasantville in 1998 just before she release her second album in 1999. The video clip was directed by Paul Thomas Anderson which it was short in the diner used in that movie. Anderson is a well known Hollywood director but he didn’t do that movie just this video clip, he was FA’s boyfriend at the time too. Off course a huge pile of other artists have covered this song but this one is the best or just the one I dig the most, OK? Some bloody old hippie band from the 60’s wrote it but forget who?

Fiona Apple wearing headphones in that video clip!

Just being a silly dickhead, here’s bonus extra song of the day with 1968’s The Beatles original:

Cheers 🙂


  1. Yes indeed, it has a happy/sad vibe if you know what I mean…difficult to explain, it makes me feel both sad and happy at the same time. Hey…a playlist of songs like that would be very interesting too, perhaps that will be my next one

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    1. Oh well, if you’ll like to know? the next playlists on my to do list was 2010’s yearly lists but i don’t think that’s really going to happen anytime soon! Everyone else did go a little mad at the end of decade but i think I’ve gone off making playlists for the moment, sorry to say! it’s one or two or maybe just a few songs at a time per post for the moment! But please make one, i would like to see or should that be hear one by you! 🙂


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