Song of the Day: Acrid Avid Jam Shred by Aphex Twin

Another first again today, Aphex Twin as the main feature artist having his debut here on my blog! Some of these kind-of bigger names I’ve not done before, I guess it’s good thing doing these song of the day posts because I should have done some of these artists I haven’t? Maybe the reason I’ve not done them before, is what the hell else is there to say? Has it already all been said? Let’s just keep it short! He’s got to be one of the most well-known electronic or ambient artists of all-time, I guess?

Seems I can’t think of something cleaver about Aphex Twin to say? Here’s something about this little blog project today, if you didn’t think this is going to be a very long running set of songs of the day thingo? Well, letting you dear reader/listener I’ve only just finished today all tracks starting with Ac… something and it’s only taken me something like three or four months? Not that I’ve done them everyday as the title might or could implied!

Basic facts is this song entitled Acrid Avid Jam Shred is the opening track on his third album …I Care Because You Do of 1995. Streaming full album right here:


Real name Richard David James asleep or pretending to be?

Cheers 🙂



  1. He is a total legend of ambient Richard D James, and seems like a really cool guy, very down to earth I have seen in these rare interviews. I have listened to all of his songs and never get tired of them. He is a total genius yes. Thanks for sharing this one…as it’s one of his less known songs for me and I think I have to give this album a go too, as Im not all that familiar with it

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      1. Boards of Canada works for me because I sit at the PC for lots of the day. It’s better if I can listen to music without vocals, which break my concentration. Jazz and BoC and Aphex Twin (and some trance music) are perfect background 🙂

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