Song of the Day: Ad Infinitum by The Denison/Kimball Trio

So I’ve got a nice chilled out one for your Monday morning! I’ve wanting to do something more about The Jesus Lizard for a while now but it’s their guitar player plus drummer who played with them in the later days today. Side project of Duane Denison and Jim Kimball of the mid-90’s who play very cool mellow jazz here not like the hard indie rock of the main act. The Jesus Lizard never got as huge as some 90’s indie rock bands but they did have spit single with Nirvana once. Denison could be also known for forming so-called supergroup Tomahawk with Mike Patton in the 2000’s.

Ad Infinitum is third track on Soul Machine of 1995, was the second of three albums by them. The Denison/Kimball Trio were not very well-known in the 90’s but I loved them and I would say Soul Machine was the best album by them. So streaming full album just below which is another one available on bandcamp website:


smiling JK & DD (l-r)

Cheers 🙂


  1. Love The Jesus Lizard. Tried to get tickets for them here in Chicago, but they sold out in what must have been under 20 seconds. T_T My favorite Jesus Lizard related project is Scratch Acid. The song “Cannibal” still gives me a visceral feel in the pit of my stomach though it is attached to a hard time of life. So good. Thank you for sharing this info.

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    1. A couple of years ago The Jesus Lizard reunion was book to play a couple of shows here in Australia but cancelled at the last minute so that was very sad! Scratch Acid are insane great too! Anyway this side-project is very different them but i hope you dig it? 🙂

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