Song of the Day: Adam’s Song by Rabbit Island

All human beings
are born free and equal
in dignity and rights
they are endowed with reason
and with conscience
and should act toward each other
in a spirit of brotherhood
without distinction
of any kind”

everyone has the right
to life and liberty
no-one a slave
no-one torture
no-one degrade
the law, we are the same

move freely
move freely
go to country
leave your country
I am from here
I am from here

no-one should be
making shoes for me
and not have enough
food to eat
or clothes to clothe them
in the cold or heat
it’s all up to someone
and that someone’s
always me

so I’m leaving you
so I’m leaving you

my young friend was left
to fend for himself
and he was in danger
I did my duty as a
human and I
did help him

then I got to drinking again
and I didn’t help no-one
and God came down from heaven
came to take my hand and life
and tell me things
I already knew well

so I’m leaving you
so I’m leaving you

Here’s a local Perth W.A. artist to listen today, if you’ll like too? First male name in my song of the day thingos but it’s by a female artist. Her real name is Amber Fresh and this one is the opening track on her debut album entitled O God, Come Quick of 2011, if you want to listen to the whole album it is below plus you can download it for free if you really dig it? Just follow, click on the bandcamp link below where it’s embedded. Also her last album was out in 2018 entitled Deep In The Big linked here.

Rabbit Island aka Amber Fresh!

Cheers! 🙂



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