Song of the Day: Addicted To Love by Ciccone Youth

My 1000th blog post today! So they’re one thousand of these thing? Yeah! That’s according the blog post counting thingy, kind-of in the draft bit of wordpress because I haven’t personally count them all up myself but they’re all still there! If you’ve got some free time? You could go back, listen and count up all the songs I’ve posted on this bloody thing over the years? Maybe not!

It’s the third cover song in these song of the day thingos which I only just started doing late last year, you know? Kim Gordon now is lucky to be the first singer to be appearing twice too! Does everyone in this day and age know Ciccone Youth is Sonic Youth side project of 1989? All four SY members plus roping in contributions from Mike Watt of Minutemen/Firehose and J Mascis of Dinosaur Jr., off course Ciccone is pop artist Madonna last name as well. Robert Palmer wrote this song originally but I don’t think I’m going to included that, sorry! The one and only album by them was called The Whitey Album. I totally whole heartily love this album but it got very mixed reviews at the time of release and most or some still are very confessed by it! Is it really bad if I say just stream it on YouTube? Because I don’t want to use the green dot platform anymore! Use whatever you want, I still have my CD which I should just play! Is this The Whitey Album by Ciccone Youth because I haven’t listen to it?

KG in low budget video clip greatest!

Cheers! 🙂



      1. Oh well, you can listen to all the music without watching any of it now! I should blog more about them but that Fiona Apple cover i did post was kind-of pretty popular, if you’ll like to know? Maybe not? right now I’m listening to a trio called The Necks, they’re not really anything like The Beatles but seem you’ve said what you’re listening too!
        i just go anonymous comment saying “this blog post is shockingly awful” not this one but another one, that’s pretty great i think but not very nice, i guess? i didn’t think anyone could be shocking or awful anymore? i wasn’t going to post anything today but maybe i shouldn’t stop now? 🙂


      2. Let me tell you my own experience: I was asked to write a piece for a prestigious magazine and my mentor emailed me to say I was lucky to have received a comment. I clicked on it. It was terrible and made claims about me derived from my quote about a BBC documentary – taking it utterly out of context and anyone who scrolled down to it rather than actually reading what I had written would get an entirely wrong impression and it suggested something about me that couldn’t be derived from what was actually written. I was so teed off I was seething. I asked the Editor to take the comment down – no dice. I asked if I could offer a rebuttal and he gave me great advice – IGNORE IT! Or else I would unleash something much worse. I realised that he was correct. Don’t give it oxygen. Try to switch if off in your head, if nowhere else. That was just one comment and it still rankles a few years later! To quote some well known gangsters, Fuhgeddaboutit. You have something great to say, keep on saying it!! And, in the words of Robin Williams, Joke ’em if they can’t take a fuck. E xxx

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      3. Sorry 4 late reply but thank you 4 what you were saying a couple of days!
        BTW the White album is my fave Beatles one, i guess you were posting that because CY kind-of named their album after it but i love that one as well and it’s very wicked song pick tooooo! Cheers again 🙂

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