Live Gigs: HTRK @ Rechabite Hall

Leap year day night out! Amazingly or maybe not, this is HTRK first ever headlining gig in Perth W.A. a few years ago they played at a festival here, by the way was wicked great set there. Off course, playing your own show must be or is a bit different? I’ve missed typing about some live gigs over this summer but I’ve not been the greatest concert goer over the last few months, it’s the first live gigs post this year and for a while since I don’t know when? I’ve just gonna note down this one on blog because, have I told everyone yet? I love this band!

The very first time seeing them live was years ago when over east and somehow have seen them a few times since then mostly over east too, after last night I think it’s half a dozen times seeing them live and they never disappointed me. They’re not a huge touring act but they have been a lot shows lately supporting their new album. Last year’s Venus In Leo album is above at the top of the page, if you haven’t yet listen? Maybe you might want to listen again?

Setlist was something like some of the new album songs: opening the set with Into the Drama, both the New Year’s tracks but one was early and the other later on, Mentions and then closing with You Know How to Make Me Happy plus some of the older tracks too with Body Lotion, HA, Skinny, Poison and The Body You Deserve but it wasn’t in that order, I think it was all those songs? Have I missed anything? Never seen them play an encore and same last night as well. Here’s a facebook ad you can watch now after it’s all over but it’s pretty pictures/sounds:

Rechabite Hall is a pretty new live venue for Perth, in Northbridge but it’s a very old building: it’s now got a rooftop bar, dinner eating place on the ground floor, the hall is in the middle. I’ve been here before when it was a theater years ago and if you wanna know? The best play was that Samuel Beckett one. Also you have to go downstairs to the basement to piss. I couldn’t pay for drinks with cash so I told the bartender that’s how they start on The Handmaid’s Tale, he said he hadn’t seen it. Oh yeah, security bouncer told me to open my eyes while the support act played because your asleep and that’s what drunks do so he’ll have to remove me for the venue, I’m not asleep or drunk but whatever dickhead!

Anyway HTRK going to America for SXSW and LA shows this month, check them out if you can! On March 10th the Body Lotion EP with get it’s digital release finally but the title track is streaming already:

Support acts were both a couple of Perth W.A. acts. I should have blog about before but I don’t think I have yet? Both did have new releases last year so I might as well included them because I very much enjoy them. Slow Point opened the night, solo artist here’s his four track debut entitled Kanjiro:

Next up was Erasers who are a female/male duo, have a few releases out, I think they have a record deal oversea, toured over there somewhere? Released in mid-2019 was Pulse Points:


Here’s the gig flyer/poster, sorry I didn’t take any photos!

Cheers! 🙂

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