Song of the Day: Administer A Prosthetic Dream by My Disco

Yet more Aussie music today with My Disco’s Administer A Prosthetic Dream which was the closing track on their debut 8 track album entitled Cancer of 2006. In 2004 singer/bassist Liam Andrews was diagnosed with Hodgkin’s disease. Although the band continued with the occasional show, Andrews’ illness forced the band into hiatus at that time. Many of the song titles and lyrics relate to a general cancer diagnosis and treatment theme.

My Disco does have a bandcamp profile but this album and early EP’s are missing for it but here’s a link to it, if you want to check out everything else? You must be able to find a copy of this somewhere, if you want to buy it or something? But here it streaming on YouTube, it’s not that long at all because it’s all eight tracks in just under 25 minutes. I love this album so much and do hope you enjoy it too, if you’ve not heard it or even if you have?


My Disco in outback Australia!

Cheers 🙂


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