Song of the Day: Admiral Fell Promises by Sun Kil Moon

So it’s nice mellow one for your Sunday morning, if you wanna listen? Also this is most likely the first of many songs written by Mark Kozelek, this time working under the moniker Sun Kil Moon to be included for my SOTD posts. It’s the title track from only the fourth studio album by Sun Kil Moon. But by this stage he had released solo albums under his own and off course a whole pile of albums under his 90’s band name Red House Painters.

This whole album really is just Kozelek performing solo on acoustic nylon-string guitar. It was released in 2010 so that’s only ten years ago but seems much longer or even a lifetime ago in his long career of all his twists and turns. This title track number was six of the ten song album. Oh yeah, Koz has his own record label called Caldo Verde which if you need/want your own copy of this album or his others, linked here. One last thing today is his lyrics for this track are below:

Come out from the burning fire butterfly
Let me lock you in my room and keep you
For a while
Could you be the answer to my every prayer?
Could you be the one for who I care?
Come into my arms and let your worries die
Come out from the web of all your tangles lies
But be true to me and I’ll be true to you
Judge me not for what I’ve done but what I’ll do
A million nights have led
To this one that we are spending
And I know it’s better here
Than anywhere I’ve been going
With every morning grew
A void more wide and endless
Come out from the burning fire butterfly
Let me lock you in my room and keep you
For a while
You watch over me and I’ll watch over you
And if you go tomorrow choke me till I’m blue
A thousand days have passed
In this house she and I were sharing
And I hate myself for it
But I have stopped caring
The Marilyn sky tonight
Is so black and blue and beautiful


Mark is playing his acoustic nylon-string guitar!

Cheers 🙂



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