Song of the Day: The Adversary by Crime & the City Solution

So who’s heard off the band called Crime & the City Solution before? Or is a better question, who remembers them? Yet another under-rated Aussie band, you might not know off? They’re the main band for the singer-songwriter Simon Bonney. Which as you can tell by reading this, I’m now blogging about them. Simon started Crime & the City Solution way back in Sydney 1977 but with totally different line-ups throughout all the activate years. The last time they re-formed was in 2012 while Bonney was living in Detroit which they released a brand new album entitled American Twilight in 2013. I did get to see them live twice on the reunion tour as well! Most recently he did release a solo compilation only last year under the title Past, Present, Future plus then was invited to tour with superfan Mark Lanegan. Lanegan cites the 1988 Crime & the City Solution album entitled Shine as one of his favourite albums of all-time, if you’ll like to known?

The Adversary was one of the very last songs they released in the early 90’s which at that time, Bonney moved to Los Angeles when on to released a couple solo albums. So the Crime & the City Solution recorded this track for Wim Wenders 1991 film Until the End of the World and first appeared on the soundtrack album with bands like U2, Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds etc. Then two year later was the opening and title track to which the rest was otherwise a live album but was the final album until that reunion one in 2013. Also this track was the closing song on the 2012 comp album named A History of Crime, Berlin 1987โ€“1991: An Introduction to Crime & the City Solution. Linking here their label Mute Records’ band page which could be a good place where you can buy copy’s if you want/need them?

Plus let’s say it’s the last Ad… something word SOTD title today because it’s taken me four months to get this far but I could change my mind at a later date? For the moment let’s move on to Ae… something next time, in a couple of days time. I hope you dig Crime & the City Solution’s The Adversary?

SB or the main man of the band called Crime & the City Solution!

Cheers! ๐Ÿ™‚


      1. Oh yeah, it was wicked great! i don’t have any of my copy’s anymore but how about you? do you still some copy’s somewhere or not?


      2. Probably. I went through all the stuff my bro and I had from c1990 on and it all wound up in a massive tea chest in my shed. What condition they’re all in at this point is anyone’s guess!

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      3. My life is a time capsule. My entire home is an archive! But it’s the opposite of a Tardis. I think the declutterers will have to be called in before I suffocate in a mountain of press cuttings, obscure books and more than three thousand videotapes.

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  1. I think for some reason my comments don’t come up on your blog but never mind I’ll repost it here. I hope all is well for you and your family William, take care of yourself. The world has gone topsy turvy lately and it is good to catch up with friends on here and make sure they are OK. I am working from home because I have only 1 kidney and so have a compromised immune system, I am fine with that seeing as I am a total introvert and home body anyway LOL. So you will be hearing a lot more from me now I am home all the time. Stay in touch and take care ๐Ÿ™‚

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    1. Oh well, sounds like that’s the best idea and i guess, i don’t have to tell you but please do look after yourself! I guess, we’re just going deal with being locked in at home for a while because everything we normally do is how this thing is just spreading so easy but in good news which isn’t really reported on but I did see it somewhere? in China after a few weeks now in total locked the pollution is clearing! ๐Ÿ™‚
      Sorry about that, i was getting a lot of spam i did put it on some setting that sometime gets confused or something?
      Anyway take care and talk soon ๐Ÿ™‚

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      1. Yes an unintended consequence of this whole thing has been the clearing of the air in China I think they now have beautiful blue skies. It could be the start of a whole new phase of the world, rather than shit all over it we take care of it. I really hope so. Take care, keep me updated with how things are going over there and I hope the toilet paper zombies leave you some spare bog roll, because this stuff is now worth more than gold hehee. Take care and speak to you soon ๐Ÿ™‚

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      2. oh yeah, someone here was selling them on the side of the road out of the back of his 4WD for $100 a roll and peeps were paying for them! that’s insane, it’s like everyone has gone mad!

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      3. No waaaay…that is insane. In New Zealand they actually produce the rolls, and yet that doesn’t stop them from selling out here. I think everyone has gone mad a bit. I am hoping it doesn’t get worse but it might and I think we all just have to knuckle down, take it easy.. (try) and enjoy isolation for a bit. I dont mind just reading all of that stuff, there is loads to do. However this situation is mega distracting for being productive in any way, haven’t done a bit of work all week!

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      4. Oh well, the old joke is madness is contagious! i don’t know but jobs might not matter sooner or later? the ways things are going, getting worst by the hour. Really it’s everything that we do as the whole human race and call normal which is pretty much how this thing is spreading so very easy! i haven’t seen the news yet this morning but just guessing numbers have jumped, double, triple! anyway i wouldn’t worry about your work because, i think everyone on earth is totally distracted right now. if they don’t official call everything off it might just grind down and stop anyway because it’s beyond us and how people run the world. Maybe, i am just being doom and gloom today? i don’t have to say it again but maybe reminding ourselves is good? so stay safe at home and look after yourself because it’s all each of us can do, i guess?
        Should have a look at what you’ve posted now! ๐Ÿ™‚


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