Song of the Day: Aerial by Kate Bush

OK, here a big artist everyone should know today? But do you know this track? It’s the title track to her epic mid-2000’s comeback which was a huge double album! That’s now three title tracks in a row for my SOTD posts, you know? It’s the closing song on that album which I think I will still call my fave Kate album of all-time, off course love her other stuff but I think, most would pick out her 70’s/80’s as their faves because I guess, it’s the most well known?

I love this album so much, is this song maybe Bush at her craziest? Peeps do enjoy calling her crazy so here’s on this seven minute plus she has a bird call which then KB’s laughing along with it! Above at the top of the post is a fan made video clip, NOT official. It’s also Danny McIntosh who’s playing the very long guitar solo, who’s partner or husband of Kate Bush.

Kate Bush only a few year’s back she started her own label too, called Fish People which has reissued all her albums now. Looking at her website, it links back to itunes or amazon so I don’t think I’ll bother to link that here on my blog, buy it where ever? If you don’t have it? I hope you enjoy song Aerial by Kate Bush, if you’ve pressed play?

I think, this could be KB around 2005?

Cheers! 🙂



  1. Aerials was my favourite album of KBs for many years. I got a bootleg copy of it in Shanghai many years ago, this introduced me to her music. For me this album is her best and you are right…it is a bit bonkers. The song Pi is also really weird but great, it’s her basically singing out all of the numbers in Pi…she just makes it all work. This album is a masterpiece in my opinion. This is my personal favourite

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    1. Oh yeah, the Sunset track is wicked amazing song! glad to hear that’s it’s a fave or your fave album toooooo! hope you have a epic great Friday the 13th today/night 🙂


      1. Oh yeah, how’s it going in NZ now? the news is saying everyone finally is going apeshit crazy today here, not in those words off course but you know! Anyway heads-up I’m listening to 1999 albums as listed in that 1001 book/list today so hopeful posting that sometime in the next few days, OK? Have a good one 🙂

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