Song of the Day: Act by My Disco

Going backwards again today in my alphabetical order SOTD posts to the letters Ac… something and the word Act yet again! This word now tops Acid so far, as the one I’ve used the most now in these SOFD thingos. The band My Disco is now also taking the honors of the first act who’s got two songs in these post as well, that earlier post is linked here. You can see how much the band has change or should that be hear?

Before today I was thinking this song was just tooo new and I’ve featured a bit on my blog over the last year or something? But if I’m talking fave songs or less well known tracks etc. here in these posts, it easy fits into that. I repeat myself and have take notes before when I’ve post something a couple of time or maybe even a few and then someone says “I haven’t heard this before but it’s great” or something like that? So I did name this song and the album it’s from in my own songs/album of last year posts which wasn’t that long ago but why not throw them and this song in again now?

It was released by Downwards Records of Birmingham, UK which was founded by a couple techno DJ’s there and when started only releasing stuff around that scene but now have gone into all-sorts of stuff, like My Disco from Melbourne, Australia recorded in the same Berlin studio often frequented by Einstürzende Neubauten, Pan Sonic and Keiji Haino etc. The album called Environment was put out on 1st of March 2019 so you could call this post a one year later and I’m still loving it or am I loving it even more now?


I didn’t name them in the last post so they’re: Liam Andrews, Rohan Rebeiro and Benjamin Andrews (l-r)

Cheers! 🙂

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