1001 Albums Book: 1999

OK, something a bit different today! I’ve just got the albums of this year done as listed in that book: 1001 albums you must hear before you die. Once again, it’s a reason to embedded my own little playlist just above which I’ve added even more songs to it now. Amazingly the tracks I’ve picked out of 1001 albums book/list starts at track #106 but some songs from some of these albums I’ve already included, you know? Let’s just get on with it or we’ll be here forever? Below are all the album of 1999 everyone should hear before you die according to this book/list. So got to ask you which have or haven’t you listen too?

São Paulo Confessions by Suba starting with Yugoslavia muso who’s playing Brazilian music which I’ve not heard before. Book tells me he died this very same year in a fire that broke out in his apartment. Let’s add Voce Gosta (I Know What You Like) as track number 106.

Kenza by Khaled off to Northern Africa next with Algerian singer-songwriter Khaled. The John Lennon cover half sung not in English is interesting but I’m picking El Harba Wine featuring Amar who’s a Indian singer at song number 107.

Apple Venus Volume 1 by XTC The rest are mainly UK and USA acts. I never got really into this band totally but I’ve been told their late 90’s comeback is great and yeah, it is an amazing beautiful album. I’ve chosen Frivolous Tonight at song number 108.

Make Yourself by Incubus so it’s yet another band I never got into but I can only hear why I didn’t? I’m passing on adding them to my playlist but I’ll say it’s not as shit as two down!

69 Love Songs by The Magnetic Fields I know this one is epic wicked but I haven’t listen to it for years so it’s cool to be reminded about it. First one in my top 5 highly recommends and I’m adding Love Is Like Jazz as track number 109.

The Man Who by Travis FUCK OFF! I still dislike this rubbish, sorry to any fans but I still don’t like. Calling it the worst album of 1999 today, who must listen to this totally shit? Screaming loudly in pain the whole time it played!

Self-titled by Slipknot their song Wait and Bleed is already at number 40 and I’ll say right now I’m not adding any doubles because my playlist is already huge, OK? It’s the debut album by maybe, the world’s biggest metal band of the last twenty years?

Central Reservation by Beth Orton here’s the one I’m calling the best or my own fave of all these listed in this book/list and off course, next in highly reco top 5 plus her song Stolen Car which is the opening track of this album but is at number 32.

Beyond Skin by Nitin Sawhney is a British Indian musician who’s gone into film scores but his last album was in 2015. New to me, it’s pretty cool too and I’ve picked Anthem Without Nation as track number 110.

The Contino Sessions by Death In Vegas I remember these guys being really popular at this time but who knows the last time I listened to them? I’m picking the song that does feature Iggy Pop on vox called Aisha as track number 111.

Play by Moby yet another big huge one I remember well but haven’t heard the whole thing for a very longtime but his song Bodyrock is at number 25 already.

The Soft Bulletin by The Flaming Lips I think, these guys have been touring this album not that long ago, you know? Playing the whole thing in full live and again, I’ve already got their song Waitin’ For Superman as number 18.

Les Rythmes Digitales by Darkdancer is not French as the title would implies, just an English bloke doing just pop music with a very throw back 80’s, disco and euro-pop feel. I’m passing on this one.

Self-titled by Le Tigre I can’t believe I’m only adding them right now! It’s Kathleen Hanna’s act after the legendary Bikini Kill ended and this seems the only one under her name to be included this book/list! In my top 5 highly reco albums and choosing the song Hop Topic as track number 112.

The Slim Shady LP by Eminem I was never got into this bloke but listening now I can hear why just about everyone else when totally apeshit over it. I’m adding 97′ Bonnie and Clyde as song number 113 because I remember Tori Amos covered it too.

S&M by Metallica & San Francisco Symphony Orchestra mainly them playing old songs live with orchestra but I’ll add one of the only new songs Minus Human as track number 114.

I See A Darkness by Bonnie ‘Prince’ Billy I’ve listen this one, I don’t know how much? I guess, let’s just say it’s easy in the top 5 highly reco from me today, his song Death To Everyone is number 93 already.

H.M.S. Fable by Shack I think, would say their album called Waterpistol was a better one but it’s the less well-known English band to make the cut. They’re also now my closing track with song called Comedy on number 115.

Remedy by Basement Jaxx yet even more dance music and I’ve already got their hit single song Red Alert at number 55.

Californication by Red Hot Chili Peppers yet another mega act everyone will know and yet again, their hit single song Scar Tissue is number 56.

Ágætis Byrjun by Sigur Ros is a very wonderful cool way to end on today plus finishing my top 5 reco’s and once again, they’re are already on my playlist with Svefn-g-englar at number 36.

So I’ve missed some good even great ones on my playlist so now including some from above but not all of them. Off course, this bloody book has zero Aussies under this year again! I’ve fixed that by including them in that playlist, which if you wanna know? It’s all the songs from numbers 1 to 13 then 60 to 89 also my most fave Kiwi song is at number 90 too! Built my insane playlist into now 115 songs, is anyone going to listen too all that?

Elizabeth Caroline Orton is easy my fave album of 99!

Then my own very fave 1999 albums NOT listed would be Jimmy Little’s Message, The Tigers’ Space Coyote and Rowland S. Howard’s Teenage Snuff Film plus EP would be Augie March’s Waltz which are all Aussies and those four do have doubles in that playlist too! Who going to now share your own fave albums/songs of 1999 with me, pretty please? Does anyone out there just want to say something about the year 1999? Next 1001 year/post I will be doing is 1969 but we’ll see how long that takes me!

Cheers 🙂



      1. No but I would really love to, I hope I get the chance one day. Who would you say are the best acts you have seen live? For me it would be Nick Cave and PJ Harvey (two separate gigs), also Rammstein were good and so was Metallica. 🙂

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      2. Oh my god, what a hell of a question! Sorry that’s toooo hard to answer right now! i can’t think but I was blogging a while ago some great shows i remember very well, maybe should dig out the other ones I’ve started to type about in my drafts and get them done? i think, i was calling them flashback gigs or something? i can dig the ones i have already posted out for you, if you’ll like to see what I’ve already done? Maybe, i should break my own rule of one post per day? i didn’t think anyone would look at my blog more than that? but it’s crazy times and it’s only going to get worst! i have seen all those acts you’ve just name and totally agree they’re all wicked great live, thinking about it a bit more i would have seen Cave more and he’s always bloody amazing! 🙂

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  1. I think I remember you posting about this ages ago, some concerts in Perth was it? The Big Day Out? I can’t quite recall it was a while ago. Yeah extra time at home, I’ve been posting flat out lately but do what suits you though. Have a good weekend 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Oh well, enjoy all your posting and i will see if i can keep up? i guess, i am not the quickest or even very good writer so the once day thing really is most likely the max i can do really! Better have a look what you’ve been up too now! And hope have you have a good weekend tooo 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Oh right, i think i might been having a bit offf a negative moment! so sorry, i should shut-up sometimes or something? I’ll do something positive right now! Cheers mate 🙂

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