Totally Brand New Song: Suburbiopia by Tropical Fuck Storm

Well, it’s been out for day or so by now, who’s heard it already? Suburbiopia does have Fiona and Erica on lead vox. Something now I normally wait for my end of the month new music post but this is one of my fave bands and this is a killer cut! So blogging about them again today, OK? An image from that video just above first popped up on their social media last Wednesday but they didn’t drop it until this Monday and wasn’t going to post it here until end of March but fuck it, here it is on my blog on this Wednesday morning! You can pre-order 7″ from here or here with B-side going to be cover of The Saints’ This Perfect Day with lead vox by Amy Taylor of Amyl & The Sniffers. Suburbiopia is also available on Bandcamp too:

Because I haven’t done a post about them for a while now, I’ll share some extra bonus stuff today! I’ve found some other stuff readers/listeners might like to check out? It doesn’t seem that many know about these? Plus seems like every single live gig is canned now including the America tour TFS was about to start in about a week or something? Recorded live from their last USA tour in NYC:

  Gaz the songwriter of TFS hasn’t done any live solo acoustic shows for a couple years now but someone only a couple of months ago or something uploaded these three bloody gems!

Cover of Warren Zevon’s My Shit’s Fucked Up:

Cover of Lou Reed’s Oh Jim:

His old band The Drones’ Taman Shud:


It’s more front cover artwork by Joe Becker too!

Cheers! 🙂


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