Song of the Day: Afraid of Nothing by Sharon Van Etten

So I would, I think if I was today naming just one new artist of the 2010’s as the very best or my fave it would be Sharon Van Etten, you know? But looking at her release dates right now, her debut was in 2009 but for some reason I was thinking that was 2010. So I guess, I’m wrong about that and can’t really call her that at all!

Let’s do a little run down of her release right now, if don’t know them or like reminding or something? Her debut was entitled Because I Was in Love which would be one of the best or greatest debut albums in a little over the last ten years, in my opinion. Was quickly followed by seven track, I would called it a mini-album which was entitled Epic of 2010. Tramp of 2012 was the name of her next album which an unbelievable wicked great album, if you’ve for some reason not check out her early stuff, it comes very highly reco by me! I think, on first listening I was a little disappointed by the next album entitled Are We There of 2014 which is where today’s track comes from. That was a really grower for me unlike her early ones which were very instantly. Then in very early 2015 I got to see her play live which was beyond wicked wonderful show. Even playing brand new track which was then on a mid-year release that year called I Don’t Want to Let You Down which was an EP. Then it was the long wait for the breathtaking Remind Me Tomorrow album of just last year.

So far this year SVE has released 3 new tracks which are the single/video called Beaten Down, song from soundtrack called Staring at a Mountain and cover version of Lucinda Williams’ If My Love Could Kill. I think, I’m going included all those new ones as bonus extra songs in today’s post, OK? In case, maybe you’ve missed them or something?

Beaten Down:

Staring at a Mountain:

If My Love Could Kill:

It’s Shazza, that’s like Aussie nickname for Sharon or have you heard that before?

Cheers! 🙂



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