Soundtrack Songs: The Handmaid’s Tale S3 E6 Household & S3 E7 Under His Eye

Household got only one song:

Everyday by Buddy Holly

Under His Eye has a couple of songs:

Introduce Yerself by Gord Downie

Every Single Night by Fiona Apple

A quote from Household:

June Osborne: [voiceover] I see them every day now. They’ve heard the Waterfords’ plea. They’re praying for Nicole. Blessed and eternal God, please return this child of Gilead to her loving home. And this is all I know about my baby: if they’re praying, then she’s still safe; if they’re praying, she’s still beyond their reach – even if just. I have my own prayers. I pray that their prayers go unanswered. And I pray for Serena: may she find her way back. May she see past her broken heart and remember that Nicole is better off where she is. May she convince Fred to let things slide. Or may they both get hit by a fucking truck. I’m honestly down for either.

This is really what Washington DC looks like now!



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