Song of the Day: Aff 14 by Blixa Bargeld

Friday morning I’m now already at three artists that’s had double SOTD posts now, maybe I’m just going to be repeating myself a lot here? But this is from a solo album by Blixa Bargeld, mostly he’s the singer of Einstürzende Neubauten but maybe most well known as the guitar player of Nick Cave & the Bad Seeds from 1984 to 2003, if you have no idea who he is? EN was like the second SOTD post ever, when I first started this thingy and because that also wasn’t the first time typing about EN or BB let’s have someone say something about him today, OK? I’m reading Henry Rollins newest book and couple nights ago got to a bit about Rollins remembering the 1984 Bad Seeds USA tour in LA, quoting page 67 of Stay Fanatic! Vol.1:

I had the unusual task of babysitting Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds, who were on their first tour of America. Their road manager needed a day off or she was going to kill them all and ask me to get them to an in-store. How hard could that be? I said sure. Had I known what I had just signed up for? I would have passed or asked for Hazard pay up front. What a day. In the late morning, I go to the Tropicana Hotel to wake up the band. I have to clear the naked or semi-naked women from Nick Cave’s room. Suddenly Blixa Bargeld materialized Nosferatu like from thin air in the doorway. I somehow assemble the band, get them into waiting transport and to Long Beach for their in-store appearance at Zed Records.

Somehow, we get to the store and the band meets the fans. Now I need to get them into the transport and then back to Hollywood. I lose Nick to someone else with a car. He waits to me as they drive away. I Forget who else I lost but I remember getting Blixa back to LA because when requesting a stop to hit the men’s room he grabbed the wheel and cranked it clockwise. We were on the highway and I don’t know how I’m still here? I remember reaching over the seat to the front and pinning his arms to his sides. Blixa asks “Why are you so angry Henry? I am in the death seat, you would not have died!”

He goes on to say later that night he takes them all to go see the LA punk band The Gun Club gig and Henry does say he remember waltzing with Blixa so they must have kissed and made-up by then. Off course, the kissing part didn’t happen but dancing the waltz arm in arm to Gun Club song did, I’m guessing it’s one of the ballads or slower numbers but pity he doesn’t say which one? I think, he’s told this story before somewhere? Maybe, it was in his most well known book called Get In The Van. I think, I will type something about Stay Fanatic! Vol.1 book after finishing reading it, OK?

Aff 14 track is from 1995’s BB debut solo album entitled Commissioned Music which was all instrumental music commissioned and performed for various theatre plays and does included the most wicked cover version of Somewhere Over the Rainbow tooo! Finding Commissioned Music online isn’t easy, last time I embedded it, it go delete too! But buy your own copy here from EN’s website and you’ll have BB’s pink CD album forever!


The all in leather BB in the 80’s!

Cheers! 🙂


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